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Shays Rebelion
-Debters Prison: you go to jail until you can pay back debt.
-shut down court systems because they were taking peoples farms
-showed how incomputent our gov was
Virgina Plan
-legistlative branch was most important because it makes laws
-legistlative branch should be decided by state
New Jersey Plan
-equal votes for al branches
Aristotles Matrix
seperation of powers
cheeks and balances
Battle of Bunker Hill
-June 17, 1775
-3 charges
-low gun powder
-British "Victory"
British- Gov Heorge Us Gen Prescott
British had 2200 Soliders 1100 Died
Lexington And Concord
April 1775, in Mass 800 British soldiers leave for concord. Revere gets caught and never makes it Prescott is the only one to make it.
The Battle of Saratoga
-the turning point of the American Revolutionary War
-convinced the rulers of France that it was worth extending the full measure of their military, political, and diplomatic support to the rebel American colonies.
Battle of Yorktown
a victory by a combined American and French force led by General George Washington and the Comte de Rochambeau over a British army commanded by General Lord Charles Cornwallis. The surrender of Cornwallis' army caused the British government to negotiate an end to the American Revolutionary War.