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Salutary Neglect
lack of management of the american colonies
Navigation Acts
passed by England to restrict trade of the colonists
Bacon's Rebellion
early conflict between Virginia frontier farmers and Governor Sir William Berkeley
French and Indian War
England fighting for territory with the French
Proclamation of 1763
proclaimed that colonists could not expand west into the territory they had won by fighting
Stamp Act(1765)
a direct tax, one paid directly to the government, affected the average person protested with boycotts, refusal to buy goods
Stamp Act Congress
representatives from nine colonies meet and declare, "No Taxation without Representation"
Declaratory Act
parliament had the sole authorityto make colonial laws
Boston Massacre
group of colonists were harassing British troops, five colonists died
Committee of Correspondence
organized by Samuel Adams to state the grievances of the colonists and establish communication between colonies
1st Continental Congress
delegates representing colonies met yo discuss and protest the Intolerable Acts; encouraged the formation of colonial militias
Boston Tea Party
colonists threw tea overboard in the harbor dressed as Native Americans
Intolerable Acts/ Coercive Acts
Boston's punishment on colonists for tea party
Quartering Act
part of the intolerable/coercive acts
2nd Continental Congress
convened in May 1775 in Philadelphia; they debated on independence
Olive Branch Petition
2nd continental congress's request for peace from King George III
Thomas Paine's "common sense"
a pamphlet that supported the seperation from Great Britain
Declaration of Independence
NOT A FORM OF GOVERNMENT! written by Thomas Jefferson (inspired by Locke) a list of grievances with Great Britain
"Shot Heard Around the World"
first shot fired between the colonists and the british that affected many countries
Lexington and Concord
Paul Revere's famous ride
considered the turning point of the war, convinced the French to aid American troops
British troops surrender here in Virginia in October 1781