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King George III
King of England during the American Revolution
nickname for British soldiers
Canadian Native American allies of the British during the Revolutionary War
English, owned colonies in America, won Fr. & Ind. War, lost Amer. Rev.
People who live in a colony
Nathan Hale
Continental soldier who was hanged for spying on the British
Sybil Ludington
16 year old girl who warned militia that British were coming
General John Burgoyne
British General who tried to take over NY, defeated at Saratoga
Paul Revere
American Patriot, silversmith, warned the militia the British were coming.
Johnny Tremain
Fict. character, silversmith's apprentice, worked for Sons of Lib.
General Horatio Gates
Am. General who defeated the British at Saratoga
Town in Massachusetts where the first shot of the Rev. War was fired.
Fort Ticonderoga
Brit. Fort captured by Green Mt. Boys & recaptured by Burgoyne
places ruled by another country
General George Washington
Commander-in-chief of Continental Army
Brit. Fort who sent troops to help Burgoyne capture NY but lost at Oriskany
New York City
City captured by British who controlled it throughout the Rev. War
Boston Tea Party
protest over tax on tea, Patriots dumped tea into Boston Harbor
Continental Congress
group of colonial leaders who met to discuss freedom
Shot Heard Round the World
First shot of the Revolutionary War
Declaration of Independence
Document explaining why 13 colonies wanted freedom
Statue of King George
patroits tore down statue & melted for it bullets
Battle of Lexington
Beginning of the Rev. War where first shot was fired
Battle of Yorktown
final battle of the Amer.Rev.
Battle of Saratoga
Amer. victory, convinced France to join forces with Americans
July 4, 1776
date Declaration of Independence was signed (USA's birthday)
to turn back
October 1781
Date of final battle of Rev. War (Battle of Yorktown)
money people pay to government so it can provide services
November 1783
date peace treaty is signed ending the Amer. Rev.
Ethan Allen
Leader of Green Mt. Boys who captured Ft. Ticonderoga from British
years of French and Indian War
April 1775
date of first battle of Rev. War (Lexington)
to give up
Stamp Act
British tax placed on newspapers, pamphlets, and other printed material
Burgoyne's Plan
Brit. plan to capture NY and split the colonies into 2 sections
French and Indian War
1754-1759 war between Eng. and France and their Huron allies
Brit. (from Oswego) on their way to help Burgoyne were defeated by Americans
Continential Army
American colonial army led by George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the Declaration of Independence, Patriot Leader
Volunteer soldiers for the American colonists
Yankee Doodles
nickname given the col. militia by the British at Saratoga
Colonists who oppose British rule and wanted freedom for the colonies
colonists who were loyal to England, and wanted to remain British