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The cells in your body are specialized, meaning they do a specific job
is a muscle that is about the size of your fist. It is located behind your rib cage and between your lungs. Your heart beats all the time, because it is responsible for pumping blood through your whole body. The heart is divided into left and right halves. Each half has an upper chamber and a lower chamber.
carbon dioxide
a waste gas that your body has to get rid of. So one of the jobs that your body needs to do all the time without stopping is to take in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide. This process is what we call breathing!
When you take a breath
air sacs
Each lung is made of tiny air sacs that look like bunches of balloons.
breathe out
The digestive system starts with your mouth
is the controller of the whole body. It sends messages that tell the other body parts what to do. For example, it’s the brain that tells the heart to beat.
spinal cord
is the connection between the brain and the other parts of the body.
nerve cells
grouped into bundles called nerves, carry the messages throughout the nervous system.
The largest part of the brain is called the cerebrum. It is responsible for sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. It also governs thinking, memory, decision making, and muscle control. The cerebrum is found only in humans and in the most intelligent animals.
voluntary movements
A voluntary movement is one you choose to make, unlike a reflex.
brain stem
controls eye muscles and adjusts the ears to different levels of sound.