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vacca, ae f.
heifer, young cow
vaco (1)
be free (from), be at leisure
vacuus, a, um
empty, free, vacant
vado, ere
go, proceed, advance
vadum, i n.
shallow, shoal, depth(s)
vagina, ae f.
scabbard, sheath for a sword
vagor, ari, atus
wander, roam, rove, spreas abroad
valeo, ere. ui
be strong, avail, be able
validus, a, um
strong, mighty, sturdy
vallis, is f.
valley, vale, dale
vanus, a, um
vain, idle, empty, useless, false
varius, a, um
varied, different, diverse
vasto (1)
ravage, devastate, (lay)waste
veho, ere, vexi, vectus
carry, convey
velivolus, a, um
winged with sails
vello, ere, vulsi, vulsus
tear (up)
velo (1)
veil, cover, deck, clothe
velox, ocis
swift, quick, rapid, fleet
(even) as, just as
vena, ae f.
venabulum, i n.
hunting spear
venatrix, icis f.
vendo, ere, didi, ditus
venenum, i n.
poisen, venom, drug
venia, ae f.
favor, pardon, grace
venor, ari, atus
hunt, go hunting
venturum, i n.
the future, what is to come
Venus, eris f.
goddess of love and beauty, love
verbum, i n.
word, speech, talk
vereor, eri, i, versus
verso (1)
keep turning, roll, revolve
vertex, icis m.
peak, summit, head, top; whirlpool
verto, ere, i, rsus
(over)turn, (ex)change
veru, us n.
spit, spike
verum, i n.
truth, real, genuine, honest
Vesper, eris (eri) m.
(god of the) evening (star)
Vesta, ae f.
goddess of the earth
vester, tra, trum
your(s), your own
vestigium, (i)i n.
track, footprint, step, trace
vestigo (1)
trace, search (for), track (out)
vestis, is f.
garment,, cloth(ing), robe
veto, are, ui, itus
forbid, prevent
vetus, eris
old, aged, ancient, former
vibro (1)
quiver, vibrate, dart
in turn, by turns
victus, us m.
living, food, victuals
vigil, ilis m. (f.)
guard, watchman, sentinel; adj. wakeful, watchful, sleepless
vimen, inis n.
twig, shoot
vinc(u)lum, i n.
chain, bond, cable
vincio, ire, vinxi, vinctus
bind, tie
vindico (1)
vindicate, claim (as free), rescue
vinum, i n.
violo (1)
outrage, violate, defile
viero, ere
be green, grow, flourish
virga, ae f.
staff, wand, twig
virgo, inis f.
girl, maiden
viridis, e
green, fresh, vigorous
virtus, utis f.
manliness, excellencs in battle, valor
viscum, i n.
viscus, eris n.
vitals, flesh
visum, i n.
sight, appearance, vision
vises, us m.
sight view, vision, aspect
vitalis, e
of life, vital
vitta, ae f.
fillet, garland, band
vivo, ere, vixi, victus
live, be alive
vivus, a, um
living, natural, alive
volatilis, e
flying, winged, swift
volo (1)
fly, move with speed
volucer, cris, cre
swift, winged
volumen, inis n.
fold, coil, roll
voluntas, atis f.
will, wish, consent
voluto (1)
revolve, turn over, roll, ponder
voro (1)
votum, i n.
vow, prayer, offering
voveo, ere, vovi, votus
vow, consecrate
vulgo (1)
publish, make known
vulgus, i n.
crowd, throng, herd
vulnus, eris n.
wound, deadly blow
vultus, us m.
countenance, face
vastus, a, um
desolate, vast, enormous
vates, is m.
froghet, seer, bard
-ve, vel
or, either, even
velim, velle, vellem
wish, be willing
velum, i n.
cloth, canvas, sail
venie, ire, veni, ventus
come, go
centus, i m.
wind, breeze, blast, air
via, ae f.
way, road, journey, street
victor, oris m.
video, ere, vidi, visus
vinco, ere, vici, victus
conquer, surpass
vir, i m.
man, hero, husband
plural of vis
vis, vis f.
force, violence, energy
vita, ae f.
life, soul, spirit
scarcely, feebly, with difficulty
voco (1)
call, name, sddress, convoke, invoke, invite, challenge
volo, velle, volui
will, wish, be willing
volvo, ere, i, volutus
revolve, unroll, roll around, roll through, undergo
vox, cis f.
voice, word, speech, sound