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Charles Mason and who were hired to determine the boundary between Pennsylvania and ______.
Jeremian Dixon, Maryland
How was the boundary shown?
With stone markers. Stones marked with a P was for Pennsylvania. And stones marked with an M for Maryland.
The mason Dixon Line divided the what colonies from the what colonies.
Middle, Southern
Who was Sir George Calvert?
He planned to build a colony, Maryland, where Catholics could practice their religious freely.
What was the reasons for the building of the colony of Maryland?
So Catholics could practice there religion freely.
Who took over the building of Maryland after Sir George Calvert died?
Cecil, Lord Baltimore.
What bay did the 200 colonists land along in the spring of 1634.
Chesapeake Bay
What was the name of the first town settled in Maryland?
St. Marys
How did Lord Baltimore give colonists a role in government?
He created an eleceted assembly.
How did Lord Baltimore attract settlers to Maryland?
He made generous land grants to anyone who brought over children, woman, or servents.