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What was the famous party the Pilgrims had in 1621 with their neighbors called?
The first Thanksgiving
How long did the first Thanksgiving last?
three days
What was the name of the Indian tribe who celebrated Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims?
4. Who was the first President who honored the 1st Thanksgiving by making it a national holiday?
President Abraham Lincoln
5. When do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
The fourth Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving.
6. What did the Pilgrims have to celebrate?
Success at building homes, having enough crops to see them through winter, and good terms with Natives
7. What happened to many of the Pilgrims who came to Plymouth that first winter?
Half of them died
8. How did the Native Americans help the Pilgrims?
They taught them how to find food, build shelters, and shared their knowledge of the land.
9. Who was the Native American tribe that Squanto belonged to?
10. Who was the Native American who is remembered as being most helpful to the Pilgrims?
11. What happened to Squanto's tribe while he was gone?
They died of disease.
12. What was the first thing that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims in 1621?
He helped with a peace treaty between the Wampanoag tribe and the Pilgrims
13. What probably killed the tribe Squanto belonged to?
They probably died of smallpox.
14. How could history have been changed if the Pilgrims had gone to America a year later?
Squanto died in 1622 and things may have been totally different without his help.
15. What kind of floors did the first homes have?
16. How many rooms did most first homes have?
one room and the children slept on the floor.
17. Why was it important for the Pilgrims to build their homes quickly after they arrived?
It was winter and cold weather was setting in.
18. What was the name of the first ship the Pilgrims came to America on?
The Mayflower
19. What was the purpose of the first meeting that was held on board of the ship before getting off?
To establish and agree on a set of rules to live by.
20.What was the name of the document that was used to set up a government for the Pilgrims?
It was called the Mayflower Compact.
21. How many passengers were aboard the Mayflower on its famous voyage?
102 people
22. What were the group of people called who moved from England to Holland, before going to America?
23. Why did the Separatists come to America?
They were seeking religious freedom to worship as they pleased and wanted to be independent.
24. How many people were believed to have been at the first Thanksgiving?
There were about 140 Native Americans and Pilgrims.