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Common malnutrition problem in the U.S.
overnutrition (overweight)
Helps students understand how they can chose a healthy meal.
Food Pyramid
Three primary main conflict management techniques...
1. avoid the conflict
2. defurse the conflict
3. negotiation
Sensory cues used to focus on how to perform a skill
The learner becomes prepared to do a skill
The phase where a learner tries a skills as the instructor observes and coaches
Guided response
The learner practices enough to become proficient
The learner can use the skill proficiently
Comples or overt response
The learner can perform new skills from the one learned by modification
The learner can create new skills that are based on the original skill
Skills that children use to enhance the quality of life
Fundamental Skills
Skills used to move the body from one place to another or to project the body upward
Locomotor Skills
Skills performed in place
Nonlocomotor Skills
Developed when a child handles an object
Manipulative skills
motion that possesses regularity and predictable pattern
rhythmic movement skills
help develop body management skills without the need for equipment or apparatus
gymnastic skills
contribute to the child's total development by allowing children to experience success and accomplishment
game skill
What factors might inhibit a child's development of motor skills? (6)
Family Size
Home Environment