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In Texas and the US which of the following is not a primary variable in those who vote?
Catholic Religion
Who was granted the right to vote by the 15th amendment?
African Americans
Who was granted the right to vote by the 19th amendment?
Who was granted the right to vote by the 26th amendment?
18 year olds
_________ __________ and ______ are more prevalent in Texas than in most western democracies
political alienation & apathy
It is relatively easy to register and vote in Texas, yet voter turnout remains __________ ___ in Texas.
relatively low
Which of the following is most likely to vote in elections in Texas?
Which is true of primary elections in Texas?
ALL: (Private, held every 2 years, for members of cerain political parties)
Who is elected to public office in primary elections?
What have campaign costs generally done in Texas over the recent years?
How often do we conduct general elections in Texas?
Every other year
Formal requirements to become an elected offical in Texas are ________ and _________.
numerous & stringent
Special Interets groups more interested in achieving equality for their members, betterment of society, or protecting the environment than with making money are known as ______ ________ or ________ ______.
public interest or advocacy groups
Key player in special interest group politics
What is the best and most common tool of special interest groups?
Primary goal of political parties in Texas?
Win the elections
Which of the following is Most true of political parties in Texas?
pragmatic and expedient
Which of the following is not true of political parties?
centralized and idealistic
In modern politics, liberal idealogy is generall represented by which political party?
Which did not have a major impact on the Texas constitution of 1876?
Discovery of Oil
Which poltical party was power in national government during the civil war?
Ideology in Texas is mainly...
The Texas constitution, special interest groups ___ very powerful in Texas politics
What percent of population is Hispanic?
about 35% and growing fast
The french influence on early Texas was almost as significant and important as the Spanish influence.
Texas political campaigns generally cost as much as other states.
FALSE, cost more!
Texas legislature meets how often and for how long?
every other year for 140 days
How many members in the Texas house of representatives?
How long is the term of office for Texas representatives?
2 years
How long is the term of office for Texas senators?
4 years
How many members in Texas Senate?
Texas legislature is bicameral like US congress
two houses or chambers
Most bills are killed
in committee
Texas elects from single member geographical areas called _________.
How often are election areas redrawn?
every 10 years
Who is the president officer of the Texas house of representatives?
Who is the presiding officer of the Senate?
Lt. governor
Presiding officers in the Texas legislature are very powerful which of the following is NOT among one of their powers?
calling legislature into special session
Who selects the presiding officer of the House of Representatives?
members of the house
How do campaign costs for elections in Texas compare with other states?
much more in Texas
Drawing election district lines so as to create an advantage is called?
Most state legislatures are lawyers because legislators write most bills themselves. (T/F)
Who selects the members of the LBB?
presiding officers
Who selects the president of the Texas senate?
we the people
Which of the following does NOT accurately describe the Texas legislature?
highly effective
Texas legislature are ____ very well paid relative to toher state legislators.
Who re-draws lines or reapportions election districts every 10 years?
Which political party currently has the majority in Texas legislature?
Formal qualifications to become an elected official in Texas are numerous and stringent. (T/F)
The Texas governor has a powerful voice in the _______ _______.
budget process
In Texas, the governor and bureaucracy form waht branch of government?
How large is the Texas bureau?
about 1.3 million
The Texas governor has strong formal powers compared with other states??
Which is not among the governors formal powers?
ALL OF THE ABOVE: Executive, Legislative, Powers of Persausion)
What is the primary job of the governor and executive branch of Texas
implement laws passed by congress
In Texas and the US the name given to executive branch, civil servants offices, tasks, and principles in the 'formal', sustained administration of public policy is:
The name given to the particular form of executive branch we have in Texas is:
plurarl executive
The Texas governor, like the US president, is restricted to two terms in office??
The Texas bureau makes rules which have the force of law called:
administrative law