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What is a Geographic Information System?
computre software that allows us to make informed decisions about using our physical and human environment
What does the Caprock Escarpment divide?
South to North from Big Spring to Pampa in North West Texas
What influeneces people's food, clothing, and shelter?
Where they live
How does georgraphy deal with the present?
It is why people do what they do
What is an ecosystem?
communities of plants and animals that are dependant upon one another and their particular surroundings for survival
What are the middle latitudes?
the region about midway between the equator and the North Pole
List the six essential elements of geography
1)location 2)place 3)physical systems 4)movement 5)movement 6)human-environment interaction
What is human-environment interaction?
relationships linking people to their surrounding environment
List three mineral resources
1)coal 2)limestone 3)oil/natural gas
Where does the Edwards Aquifer get its water?
Which natural region is the most densely populated?
coastal plains
What naural vegetation is found in the Mountains and Basins?
cactus, yucca, and cresote bush (desert plants)
What is agribuisness?
largescale commercial farming
What crop is grown in the Cross Timbers since it is more resistant to dry spells?
Spanish Peanuts
Why are trees scarce in the Grand Prairie?
Because the soil there fails to hold moisture very long