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who was Santa Ana (not Santa Anna)?
was born in N. Texas that had several wives, wanted to kill white settlers. In 1849 he agreed to talk to white and to the US. He was the first commanche to talk in congress!!
Who was Henry Carnes?
He lead a peace treaty in Texan congress.
What was the Council house fight and what year was it?
The council house massacre was a supposed to be a treaty that was to only set certain laws on with the indians. Matilda Lockhart was the only anglo waptive and had signs of rape. The indians were told to return the captives then shots were fired. 33 leaders of many commanche bands were killed in 1840.
What was the great raid of 1840?
In august 1840, 500 indians (both men and women) had attcked victoria and then later attacked leaville. 15 whites, 8 blacks, and 1 tejano were killed (indians saw no difference in color.)
Who was Edward Burlson?
He was the leader of the Texas rangers whom attacked and killed 80 indians in respnse to victoria, they also regained the horses that were stolen.
Who was John H. Moore?
He lead an attack North of S.A.
Who was Buffalo Hump?
He was the leader of the Commanche's.
By the 1850's where did the indians in Texas go?
Oklahoma and N. Mexico.
How many anglos die a year by Indians?
Where did Indians seek refuge? and who was the leader?
Palo Duro Canyon. Chief Red warbonnet
Who lead the union attack against the indians at palo duro canyon? and what did he do in order to kill many of the indians so quickly?
Mackenzie. His goal was to take out the horses (indians transportation) and create a somewhat massacre.
what was the percentage of Kiowa's and apache's was made of captive blood?
Who was cynthia ann parker?
Born in a religious family from illinois. In 1836 was taken captive and was captured by commache's at the age of 9. James Parker did all he could to get her back
What was the band that cynthia belonged to?
Whom did she marry and how many children did she have?
Peta Nocoma, 3 children. And she was his only wife
Where were all commanche's sent to?
Red River Reservation. and if Quanah was not to return, there would be a mass murder of his people.
Where were AA troops stationed in 1864?
South Padre
How much of the vote was against succsession
By the end of 1861 how many soldiers were confederate?
What type of military was hated the most in the confederacy?
What forced Texans to fight for the confederacy?
The conscripton law in 1863
How many white texans served in the confederacy?
During hte civil war what was the cost increase of slaves in today's terms?
What were the main fear of going to war other than death?
The idea of loosing their family and homes due to the lack of the father being there.
What did the germans do to show their rebellous attitude toward the confederacy and conscription law?
They lead a rebellion, Union Loyalty League, and tried to go to N.Mexico. They were then intercepted by The Texas militia. 30 died, 9 were executed. "
How many people in Dallas were executed and why?
39 were executed for accused of being spy's for the union army
What was the New Mexico Campaign and who led it?
A small army, formed by the confederacy was led by General Sisley and they went to New Mexico in order to maintain the land by the union took over.
In what year did Texans try and take Santa Fe?*
Who led the fight against the unionists that had control over galveston?
Mcgrauder, he fought with steamboats and the Westfield was stuck, they then blow itself up because they don't want the union to later have control over it.
What was Ft. Griffin and what happened there?
It was a place for confederate troops to be punished, but none of the troops had anythign to do but practice their marksmenship. There was an attack on the fort and 4,000 vs. 44 confederates. Confederates win with the retreat of the Union
What was key for the confederate army?
Slaves, they would build the forts.
Why was the Rio Grande important in 1863?
Goods and trade
What was coincidental between what the unionists wore and slept in?
They slept in blankets and wore uniforms created by texas cotton.
Who was Juan Cortina?
He was a unionist* (Robin hood, chino) his name has been embodied as resistence. He was born south of rio grande from a warlthy cattle family. Cortina sees an employee being pistol wipped by the sheriff. Cortina tells sheriff to stop and fires a shot into the sheriff's shoulder.
What was the percentage of tjanos that lived along the border?
Who was Charles Stillmen?
He is the richest anglo, he pops over the border and created Brownesville, TX, named after Ft. Brown. He bought land from Cortina's family.
How large was Cortina's army and when did he come back after the sheriff's shoulder?
His army was of 600 men, *supportive of the union*, and he came back to take over brownsville just 2 months after the shooting of the sheriff.
Who was involved in chasing cortina into Mexico?
Robert E Lee.
who were the real victims of reconstruction?
What was the union response to the Civil war?
there was not a response to the 320,000 men dying in the war that supported te union.
Who led the seccession of Texas?
The senatory named Oren Robert.
What was the legal way to renslave Blacks?
Black codes*
what was the apprentice law?
This aimed at blacks and allowed the apprencicing a black minor to work for a white for no pay fill until they were 20. They fined apprentices that ran away.
What was the constitution of 1864?
THis allows Black Praticipation. But the Constitution of 1866 doesn't have black Participation.
How many former slaves had an active voice in congress?
52 blacks former slaves.
What happened in Congressional Reconstruction?
Requires AA's to vote.
What was the Republican party at this time?
Supporters of the black participation
what was the comocratic party at this time?
the "Texan Party"
what happend to brooks?
he was lynched
what were the requirements in hte school system?
Children between the ages of 8 and 16 should go to school 4 months out of the year, any color could participate.
What was Mathew Gaines?
He was born in 1848, he escaped from slavery twice. He was later an AA leader and elected Senator. In 1871 there was reputation by AA's and there was a bill passed to make public universites. He is the father of A&M.***
During hte reconstruction what party takes over the Texas legislature?
The democratic party, Richard Pope* was put in as governor.
who suffered a lot in reconstruction?
Both white and African american farmers had debt constantly.
What drives the price of cotton down?
Mechanized agriculture
What did many farmers do agriculturally that they felt comftorable with?
They invested all of their word into a *specialized* crop that they felt comftorable with.
what was the percentage of the worlds export of cotton between 1860 - 1900?
what were farmers loosing during hte Reconstruction?
credit, commottities, and pricing
By the 1920's what kind of state is texas at?
what was the Famers Alliance and where and when was it created?
FA was created in Lamprassas, TX. Farmers from all over the contry came to create the Farmers Alliance. This includes industry worers.
In 1877 what was Texas' govt controlled by?
What was the goal of the Alliance?
They wanted to mae a monopoly. They wanted to make their own stores to sell their own goods with out taxation and the process of selling to the market for cheaper prices.
What is the key problem for texas during reconstruction?
The price of cotton has collapsed.
What was the Knights of Labor?
Industrial worker strikes.
What were gamblers that were accepted in the Knights of Labor?
Who was the owner of the Texas-Pacific railway? and what did he do?
James Hould, he hires Pinkerton and the Texas Govenor assists gould from preventing the strike. It was a small army and the KOL is defeated in one day.
What were the Farmer's alliance demands?
They wanted farmers to work together and eliminate the middle man**.
What prevented from black from voting?
Poll taxes
What was the Colored Farmers National Alliance? and what established within this alliance?
1-1.5 million blacks joined this. 9 out of 10 blacks were farmers. Newspapers were established, Preaching agiant debt, Many member went on strike.
What was the Subtreasury plan?
This was proposed in 1890 and goes into effect in 1930's. The white aliance of farmers see the problem as that there was no cash in farming**
What was created within the subtreasury plan?
Loan programs that involved the govt. giving the loans. Federal warehouses were established and would allow farmers to store goods in these silos (non perishable goods)****
what was the purpose of these warehouses?
The farmer would give the govt the cotton for an amount of money, store the cotton there. THen once the cotton price went up the farmer would be able to sell the cotton and pay back the storage rate.
Who invented barbed wire?
JF Glidden in 1874
what did tom harris do?
He led a small group of cowboys in drafting an ultimatum demanding higher pay and thretening of a strike.