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a flat topped hill, smaller than a mesa
a broad, flat topped elevation with one or more cliff like sides
what are the rivers that form boundaries of texas?
Red, Sabine, and Rio Grande
What states border Texas?
Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico
Why does Spain abandon its missions in East Texas?
Spain had neither the wealth nor the power to maintain and defend all its far flung missions. They thought they should concentrate on becoming friends with the Indians.
Boundary dispute between Spain and United States.
Dispute was over the boundary line betweeen Spanish Texas and Louisiana. The US wanted the boundary to include Texas and Spain said the boudary line was in Louisiana.
Adams-Onis Treaty
Settled the boundary dispute. Spain gave Floriday to the US and agreed to the Sabine River as the boundar of Texas. In return, US surrendered all calims to Texas.
icy wind that blows in quickly from Canada
Moses Austin
He got permission to bring American settlers to Texas. He died but asked his son Stephen to carry out his plans for colonizing Texas.
Stephen F. Austin

Land Policy
640 acres/husband- 320 acres/ wife-
160 acres/ child- 80 acres/ slave
each acre cost 12.5 cents
must become citizens and take oath of allegiance- become Catholic
Stephen Austin
Problems with SFA's colonies
droughts, clashes with indians, argued over who owned land, some went back to U.S.
Stephen F. Austin
Why did his colonies succeed?
He was good friends with the govt and so the govt. helped them.
They had good soil. They had good water supply. They had good roads.
Colonization Laws
Mexican Colonization law of 1824:
No one could get more than 48,708 acres
No colony could be closer than 30 miles to coast, or 60 miles to international boundary without permission.
Only those intendind to live in Texas could receive land (had to become citizen)
rolling treeless country, a landform that is generally level
a waterbearing formation under the ground
grassland with scattered trees and shrubs
where the land touches a body of water
State Colonization Law of 1825
all foreigners were invited to immigrate. A family could receive 4,428 acres for $ taxes for 10 years, bachelors got 1,107 but got 3,321 when they married. A Mexican wife got another 1,107 acres.
Mexican Constitution of 1824:
Mexico became a republic with an elected president and congress. They had 19 states and 4 territories.Texas was united with Coahuila to become a state.
What are the problems that begin to arise between Mexico and Texas?
There were cultural differences.
a broad flat area of high land rising sharply above the surrounding land
a long steep cliff
a creeek or river that flows into another body of water
a long narrow valley between high cliffs, usually with a stream running through it
the horizontal lines on a map
vertical lines on a globe
a land dominating in grass with no trees
inlet at sea
a part of the ocean extending into the land
where the land touches a body of water
Barrier Island
a long narrow island running parallel to the mainland, built up by waves
an artificial lake or reserve
a fracture in the earth's crust
a rise in land
Fredonian revolt What hsppened?
Benjamin Edwards led a group of settlers to attack and revolt against mexico. Sfa didnt help Ben even though He pleeded with him. All of the settlers were capterd and sent to jail. They were all released later.
What was the constitution of 1836- and what were the four main things stated?
This decleration declared freedom from mexico and it garunteed freedom of speech. It also stated that there could be slaves in texas also it says all free african americans had to have permission from the government to be in texas free.
treaties of velasco
Public-Santa Anna promises he will never fight texas again. It also states that all mexican forces have to leave texas.

Private-This states that santa Anna is Come back. It also stated that the rio grande is the border line for texas.
What was stated in the Decree of April 6, 1830
-stopped all immigration from U.S.
-suspended empressario contract
-encouraged immigraion from Europe and Mexico
-set up new forts
-custom duties placed on goods from foreign countries
What was stated in the Turtle Bayou Resolutions
-Declare loyalty to Mexico
-Denied that they were attacking Mexican authority
What was stated at the Convention of 1832
-Texas made seperate state
-allow immigration from the U.S.
-exemption from some taxes
-better protection from Indians
The battle of Gonzales (leaders, significance, result)
leaders: Colonel Moore(Texans), Colonel Vgarteeha(Mexicans)
significance:Colonel Vgarteeha wanted the cannon
result:Texans won
Goliad and San Antonio
leaders: Travis (Texans), Santa Anna (Mexican)
signifiance: only 700 texans had defeated 1000 Mexians
result: Texas soil was cleared of Mexican Troops
What was stated at the Convention of 1833
-SFA had gone to get support from San Antonio
-Sam Houston attened
-similar resolutions adopted