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Who made cattle drives from South Texas to Louisiana?
Spanish vaqueros
Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara
wanted to free Texas from Spanish rule
Father Hidalgo
led the independence movement in Mexico
El Camino Real
Royal Highway across East and Central Texas
The new culture of Texas settlers who adopted Spanish customs to fronteir conditions is called........
Gil Ybarbo
East Texan leader forced to move to San Antonio
What was the main cause of failure for Hidalgo's independence movement?
Mexico City was not captured
a person who captures and sells wild horses
What features of daily life in Texas are part of the Spanish legacy?
Spanish names on streets, rivers, and other geographic features; Spanish ranching system; law system; architecture
Louis-Michel Aury
French pirate who aided the Texas revolutionaries
At San Antonio in 1817, civilians had no extra.....
Sabine River
The U.S. boundary between Spanish and Louisiana after 1819
Why was the fort and settlement built by Charles Francois Lallemand abandoned?
they were ordered to leave
What became the boundary between Spanish and English territory after the French and Indian War?
mississippi River
An early Texas settlement that became a ranching center was.........
What did Spanish authorities beleive the American filibusters were trying to do?
gain control of Texas
What did the leaders of the Republican Army declare after capturing San Antonio in 1813?
They declared Texas was free and independent
Calcasieu River
claimed by Spain as the eastern boundary of Texas before 1819
Why did Marques de Rubi suggest that Spain abandon most of its Texas missions?
Spain could not afford to maintain the missions
San Antonio
capital of Texas at the end of Spanish rule
From what country did the U.S. purchase the Louisiana Territory(1803)?
Antonio Martinez
last Spanish governor of Texas
Why did U.S. President James Madison pardon Jean Lafitte?
he had aided the U.S. army previously
The Treaty of Paris(1763) gave to Great Britain, Canada and all French land east of the .........
Mississippi River
Why were colonists at Nacogdoches free to develop a way of life different than the other Spanish settlements?
they were isolated from other parts of New Spain