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The maximum permissible rate of production for oil and gas wells in Texas, as set by the Railroad Commision.
Two-year budget period.
Capital Punishment
The death penalty.
The reduction of punishment for a criminal offense.
Hate-crimes Legislation
A legislative measure that increases penalties for persons convicted of criminal offenses motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.
Medicade Program
A federal program design to provide health insurance coverage to poor people, the disabled, and elderly Americans who are impoverished.
The exemption from punishment for a criminal offense.
Permanent School Fund
A fund established in the Texas Constitution as an endowment to finance public elementary and secondary education.(H)
The postponement of the implementation of punishment for a criminal offense.
A regulatory process used by government agencies to enact legally binding regulations.
Legally binding regulations adopted by a regulatory agency.
Senatorial Courtesy
A custom of the Texas Senate that allows individual senators a veto over nominees who live in their districts. By tradition, senators will vote against a nominee if the senator from the district in which the nominee lives declares opposition to the nomination.
Sunset Review
The periodic evaluation of state agencies by the legislature to determine whether they should be reauthorized.