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What is the age requirement for Governor?
30 yrs.
What is a veto?
Ability to strike down a proposed law
How long is a Special Session?
30 days
What are informal resources for?
compensate for lack of constitutional powers.
What did Mark White use as a tool in his election?
Who/What is the Governor
official spokesperson to the US Government
Where does the Attorney General stand in line for Governor's position?
What did Ann Richards symbolize?
a "new Texas"
What are mandates?
Unfunded federal requirements
What is the Comptroller?
states primary tax administration
What is bureaucracy?
state agencies and universities
What does the Legislative Budget Board do?
recommends budget to Congress
What was unique about George Bush when he ran for Governor?
he had never held a "public office" prior to election
What is a line item veto?
ability to eliminate items in apprpriations bills
What is the Adjutant General responsible for?
National Guard
How many elected offices had Bill Clemments held prior to Governor?
What is extradition?
to be returned to the state of origin for trial
What is impeachment?
to bring charges against
How does the Secretary of State gain its position?
constitutionally appointed official
Who/What is the Lt. Governor?
most powerful elected official in the state
What is the ability to eliminate items in appropriation bills?
line item veto
Who is the most powerful official in the state?
Lt. Governor
Who is the official spokesperson to the Government?
What is is to bring charges against?
What lasts 30 days?
Special Session
Who has to be 30 years old?
Who recommends budget to Congress?
Legislative Budget Board
What is the ability to strike down a proposed law?
What is it to be "returned to the state of origin for trial?"
Who is the responsible for the National Guard?
Adjutant General
What does the Governor use to compensate for lack of constitutional powers?
informal resources
Which Governor had held no previous elected office?
Bill Clements
Which Governor used TV as a tool in his election?
Mark White
Which Governor symbolized a "new Texas?"
Ann Richards
Which Governor had never held a public office prior to election?
George Bush
Who is the states primary tax administration?
Which position is 4th in line of succession to Governor?
Attorney General
Which position is the only constitutionally appointed official?
Secretary of State
What is State agencies and Universities?
What is unfunded federal requirements?
What carries out the responsibilities of the Legislature?
What is a loosely connected highly fragmented network of approximately 250 state agencies and Universities?
Which position is first in line of succession as Governor of Texas?
Lt. Governor
What is the only control the Governor has over the state budget?
line item veto
What does the Legislative Budget Board consist of?
members of the House and Senate only
What is Senatorial Courtesy?
Consultation with the Senator from the prospective appointees district
Who calls a Special Session?
Who initiates impeachment proceedings?
House of Representatives
What does impeachment require in regards to vote?
simple majority vote
Who is the only Governor of Texas to be removed through the impeachment process?
James Ferguson
What does the term "Plural Executive" refer to?
Top elected or appointed positions in Texas
Since 1874, how many times have Republicans been elected Governor?
How many women have been elected as Governor of Texas?
How long is a term of office for the Governor of Texas?
4 years
What are the 2 constitutionally authorized in the order of succession for Governor?
Lt. Governor &
President Pro Tem of the Senate
What items may be discussed in a Special Session?
only items put forthe by the Governor
What are informal powers?
Ability to get things done without the use of Constitutional powers
What is the temr limit for Governor of Texas?
no term limit
How long is the term of office for boards and Commissions in Texas?
6 years
Who was the first Republican Governor in over 100 years?
Bill Clements
Who had a celebrity role as Governor of Texas?
Ann Richards
Which position is the states "chief elecion officer?"
Secretary of State
What was abolished by a Constitutional Amendment in 1995?
the State Treasurer position
What regulates oil, natural gas and lignite mining in Texas?
Railroad Commission
a 15 member board elected from legislated districts?
State Board of Education
Who/What is responsible for administering the use of 22 million acres of public land?
General Land Office
Who/What is responsible for weights, measures, packaging, labeling and marketing?
Department of Agriculture
Who must certify that funds are available prior to the legislature passing an appropriations bill?
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Which Governor had been a "self-made millionaire"?
Bill Clements
True or False:
Bill Clements, who holds the title as first Republican Gonernor in over 100 years, served terms, not back to back, became only the second Governor to regain his seat after leaving it.
Which Governor was the first Republican in over 100 years?
Bill Clements
Which Governor was the second to hold 2 terms, not back to back?
Bill Clements
True or False:
Major agencies within the state are autonomous, and except for limined budgetary review, remains independent of the Governor's control.
True or False:
No governor of Texas has ever been removed from office through the impeachment process.
True or False:
To meet emergencies between legislative sessions, the Governor can propose the transfer of funds between programs or agencies, provided it has been approved by the Legislative Budget Board.
True or False:
One of the powers of the Governor in the area of judicial responsibilities is his/her ability to appoint the 18 member Board of Pardons and Paroles.
True or False:
Campaigns and elections in Texas are heavily influenced by the mass media.
True or False:
Texas operates under the "Pay as you Go" principle.
True or False:
The Texas Insurance Board, although considered to be the "watchdog of all insurance companies in Texas," has no authority to set or establish ranges for insurance premiums.
True or False:
The Railroad Commission is a 15 member board whose primary responsibilities is the intrastate regulation of the railroad and shipping business in Texas.
True or False:
The Sunset Advisory Commission is considered to be the "watchdog" of the Texas Legislature.
What is considered to be the "watchdog" of the Texas Legislature?
Sunset Advisory Commission
Texas operates under what kind of principle?
Pay as you go
What heavily influences elections and campaigns?
mass media
How many members are on the board for Pardons and Parole?
What is one of the few powers of the Governor in the judicial area?
ability to appoint the members of the Pardons and Parole
Who appoints the 18 members of the board of Pardons and Parole?
What are felonies classes as?
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and state jail offenses
What does the constable do?
serves warrants out of JP Court
What does the Municipal Judge deal with?
Class C misdemeanors
What is a True Bill?
Who is the bailiff?
Maintains order in the court
What is a tort?
a wrongful act or injury
What is peremptory challenge?
exclusion of a prospective juror
What is parole?
early release from prison
What is Administrative Law?
regulates the states economy
What is the penal code?
describes the crime and punishment
What is a magistrate?
J.P. or Municipal Court Judges
What is Small claims court?
J.P. sits as Judge
What is criminal law?
violations of state law
What is a writ of error?
allegation that a lower court is in error
What is a verdict?
decision of the Court
What is probation?
Community Supervision
What is veniremen?
prospective jurors
What is a misdemeanor?
Class A, B, & C
What is the District Court?
Primary trial court of Texas
What is Civil law?
contracts & property rights suits
What is the minimum age to serve on the Courts of Appeals?
How long is term in office for Justice of the Peace?
4 years
Divorce cases are heard in which court?
Minimum age requirement for District judge is?
25 years old
Which is the court of last resort?
Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals
How long is term of office for the Texas Supreme Court?
6 years
Maintains oversight of the "State Bar of Texas".....?
Supreme Court of Texas
In which court must murder cases be appealed?
Court of Criminal Appeals
Conviction of a defendant in a criminal court requires what?
unanimous vote
What is insufficient evidence to indicate the accused could have committed the offense?
no bill
Who acts as coroner in smaller counties?
Justice of the Peace
Who acts as a magistrate?
Justice of teh Peace and Municipal Court Judges
How is Grand Jury selected?
Appointed by the District Judge from a list submitted by the Jury Commission
How many Justices serve on the Court of Criminal Appeals?
How are vacancies to the Texas Supreme Court filled?
appointment by the Governor
How many members of the intermediate and higher appellate courts have served on lower courts in Texas?
How are constable selected?
What is concurrent jurisdiction?
can be heard on more than one court
What percentage of all litigation is based on state law and local ordinances?
Approximately how many courts does Texas have?
True or False:
Supreme Court of Texas is the highest court in Texas relating to all legal matters?
True or False:
Texans are subject to the jurisdiction of both the states and federal courts.
True or False:
Civil lawsuits involve conflicts between two or more parties and can result in state jail time.
True or False:
District Courts Judges are appointed by the Governor to a life time term of office.
True or False:
Plea bargaining is the prcess of negotiating a lesser sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.
True or False:
All appellate level Judges are elected to a six year term of office.
True or False:
Under the federal system, some decisions of the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals can be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
True or False:
Civil litigants and criminal defendants may waive their right to a jury trial, except in cases of capital murder.
True or False:
All verdicts of guilty in capital murder cases must be appealed directly to the Court of Criminal Appeals.
True or False:
There are no juries in appellate level cases.