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What are the General Elections?
election to determine offce holders
What is the 24th Amendment?
abolished poll tax
What is a Pressure Group?
exercises other than conventional methods to influence
What is Pluralism?
The power of a group is limited by the number of groups
What is Dealignment?
Disassociation of political parties by the public.
What is Political Action Committees?
Entitled to raise and spend campaign money
What is the Texas Election Code?
Guidelines for conducting elections
What is Realignment?
The reorganization of poliltical parties due to internal changes.
What are Primaries?
Product of political parties
What are Umbrella interest groups?
Groups joined together for econmic interest
What is a Party Platform?
Official statement of a political party
What are Trade Associations?
Interest group with specialized professions
What does the 19th amendment cover?
the right to vote regardless of sex
What is elitism?
influence is monopolized by a few groups
What are Liberals?
Favors government regulation of the economy
What is an interest group with specialized professions?
Trade Associations
What is a Disassociation of political parties by the public?
Who does "favors government regulation of the economny" define?
What is the election to determine office holders?
general elections
What is it called when influence is monopolized by a few groups?
Which amendment is the abolished poll tax under?
24th amendment
What covers the guidelines for conduction elections?
Texas Election Code
Which amendment is the right to vote regardless of sex under?
19th amendment
What are exercises other than conventional methods to influence?
Pressure group
What is it when the power of a group is limited by the number of groups?
What are groups joined together for economic interest?
Umbrella interest group
Who is entitled to raise and spend campaign money?
Political Action Committees
What is the reorganization of political parties due to internal changes?
What is the Official statement of a political party called?
Party Platform
What is the product of political parties?
What is decentralized government?
government that is spread between many different layers.
Approximately what percentage of the Texas work-force is union?
How many Texans profess to belong to political parties?
What is districting?
the process of drawing district lines for representation
According the Texas Election Code, what must candidates have?
Campaign Treasurer
Conservatives are....?
generally opposed to government programs.
Texas is known nationally for having which type of party system?
What happnens on:
1st Tuesday following the 1st Monday in November, of even years?
general elections
The majority of all elections in Texas are conducted by utilizing what?
paper ballots
Texas ranks where among other states in voter turnout?
Conducting elections are primarily whose responsibility?
local governments
What did the Voting Rights Act of '65 accomplish? (2)
restricted the use of literacy test
required absentee voting
Did the Voting Rights of '65 accomplish abolishing poll tax?
What is the group that exist for the protection of consumers?
public interest groups
What class of interest groups is aided by the existence of single member districts?
Minority group
Which political party has historically dominated Texas?
What occurs every ten years following the census?
Generally speaking, liberals favor.....?
National health program
Which election is conducted usually in April or May?
Local elections
Why are voting machines not generally used in Texas?
Very expensive to purchase & storage problem
Of all nations professing to be democratic in nature, the US ranks where in terms of voter turnout?
below average
Who is responsible for monitoring the Texas Election Code?
Secretary of State
True or False:
Texas is known for its strong system of interest groups.
What group is probaby the most powerful pressure group in America?
National Rifle Association.
True or False:
The Secretary of State is responsible for monitoring the Texas Election Code.
True or False:
The National Rifle Association is probably the most powerful pressure group in America.
True or False:
Single member districts has nationally been recognized as having caused an overall reduction in voter turnout in minorities.
True or False:
"Public Interest Groups" exists in Texas to promote a high standard of education.
True or False:
Pressure groups survive primarily in Texas through positive communication as well as by providing political favors to elected officials.
True or False:
The Constitution of the United States says nothing of the existence of political parties
True or False:
The typical Democrat in Texas is primarily college educated and considered a high-income earner
True or False:
According the the Texas Election Code, candidates must file a statement of receipts and expenses.
According the the what, candidates must file a statement of receipts and expenses?
Texas Election Code
True or False:
Party primaries are considered public in nature and are financed by local governments.
True or False:
In the state of Texas, one must live in their voting precinct on election day in order to be elibible to vote
True or False:
Texas is considered to have a permanent voter registration system
True or False:
Interest groups in Texas are cosidered non-partisan and usually cross party lines.
True or False:
"Public Interest Groups" are considered to be the oldest class of interest groups in America.
True or False:
In the past 30 years, Texasf has rapidly emerged as a two party state.
How long is a Special Session?
30 days
What does a Substantive Committee do?
holds public hearings
What (Who) is the Speaker of the House?
Presiding officer of the House
What are the Senate Committees?
15 Standing committees
What does Bi-cameral mean?
2 house legislature
What are Local Bills?
Legislation affecting towns/cities
What (Who) is the President Pro-tempore?
2nd ranking person in the Senate
What is the Senate age requirement?
26 years old
What are Bills?
Proposed laws
What is a filibuster?
continous speech
What (Who) is the Speaker Pro-tempore?
2nd highest ranking House leader
Singel member districts are....?
elected from geographical areas
How long is a House term?
2 years
What does uni-cameral mean?
1 house legislature
What is the House age requirement?
21 years old
What is Gerrymandering?
To unfairly draw district lines
What (Who) is the Lieutenant Governor?
Presiding officer of the Senate:
The most powerful person in the State; more powerful than the Governor
What is does the Conference Committee do?
Resolves differences in the House/Senate bills
What is Impeachment?
To bring charges against
What is a Joint Resolution?
Proposed amendments ot the US Constitution
What is Franking?
Free government postage
What is Packing?
Draw the lines to bring groups together
How long does a House regular Session last?
140 days
What does a Select Committee do?
How long is a Senators Term?
4 years
What is Cracking?
to draw district lines to split groups or classes
What is redistricting?
to re-draw lines of representation
What is the Committee System?
Major working component of Congress
What is Concurrent Resolution?
What is the House Standing Committee?
37 Standing Committees
True or False:
Proportional representation is the method by which Texas allocates Congressional seats.
True or False:
The Texas Speaker of the House is selected by popular vote during the general election in Texas
True or False:
Gerrymandering in Texas is considered to be "unethical" but is still considered to be legal as well as a right given to the controlling party.
True or False:
In Texas, seats for legislative sessions are assigned by seniority.
True or False:
Texas is frequently criticized for annual legislative sessions
True or False:
Salaries for legislators in Texas can only be altered by constitutional amendment
True or False:
Texas legislators, even though paid poorly, has one of the best retirement plans in the country
True or False:
Texas is currently the most populous state in the nation with 18.7 million people.
True or False:
Texas has historically been a one pary state.
True or False:
Texas legislators are selected from congressional districts.
True or False:
Special Sessions of Congress may address any topics but must first deal with any item presented to it by the Governor.
True or False:
Single-member districts are known for promoting minority participation
True or False:
Since 1948, The Legislative Redistricting Board has been responsible for re-drawing legislative districts in Texas
True or False:
In order to meet the minimum qualifications for the House of Representatives, an individual must be a resident of Texas for at least ten years.
True or False:
Texas ranks second in the nation in legislative salaries.
True or False:
In Texas, Legislators are considered to be "part-time" in that legislative sessions are biennial.
True or False:
The Speaker of the House may not serve more than one term.
True or False:
Even though the Lieutenant Governor is considered very powerful, he is very limited in the legislative process because of his inability to vote.
True or False:
Bill/amendments must pass through both houses of Congress in identical terms.
True or False:
Unlike the President pocket veto, if the Governor fails to sign/veto a bill, it will automatically become law.