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Name the tetracyclines ?
How do the tetracyclines work? Are they cidal or static ?
they are STATIC; inhibit protein synthesis at the 30s ribosome
Tetracyclines are the DRUG OF CHOICE for what diseases?
1.rickettsial diseases (Rocky Mountain spotted fever, typhus and Qfever)
2.Chlamydia tachomatis
3. Brucellosis (Lyme disease)
5.pnuemonia caused by mycoplasma
6.Lyme disease
8.H pylori
In general, what type of lipid solubility do tetracyclines have ?
HIGH lipid solubility
Which two in this class CAN be taken with food ?
Doxy and Mino
How are tetracyclines metabolized ?
in the liver and then concentrated in the bile.
How are doxycycline and minocycline excreted ?
hepatic elimination==>bile==>feces
How are the other tetracyclines excreted ?
urine==>glomerular filtration
This is important ! Do not ever Rx short acting (Tetracycline) or intermediate acting (Demeclocycline or Methacycline) to someone with renal failure....they are not very lipid soluble and will accumulate to toxic levels if the kidneys fail
What should you warn your patients about when taking tetracycline ?
protect in the sun (with more than just SPF) = increased photosensitivity
-can cause green stools
-tongue can discolor
-avoid milk and antacids, calcium, iron or magnesium
-take on an empty stomach with a full glass of water
Of the tetracyclines, which one is the safest for renal patients ?
Doxycycline...doesn't require any renal dose adjustments
Which ones are considered the "long acting" tetracyclines ?
doxi and minocycline
This drug is sometimes used as an alternative to Rifampin to treat TB ...
Minocycline. It has the longest half life and can achieve therapeutic concentrations in the brain
Tetracycline is a pregnancy category...???
Minocycline is a category ??

What are the special pediatric and pregnancy concerns with these drugs ?
Can cause teeth staining in kids < 8 and brone growth retardation if given to a pg woman in 4th month
-can also cause acute fatty liver necrosis in pg women
Tetrcyclines are substrates of CYP3A4...what does this mean as far as drug interactions ?
-will increase anticoag for wafarin patients
-will increase levels of benzo's, calcium channel blockers, some statins