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Preschool is b/t 3 and 5.
Kids refine mastery of their bodies and eagerly await school. What is good about this period w/ parents?
parents can be less negative, they can share feelings, their thoughts, interact and communitcate!
Kids gain 5 lbs a year, double grow 2-3" a year, Legs elong, making them look slender. Boys muscles bigger than girls. What else w/ physical & motor development?
toliet trained
run well, walk, do steps, hop
can scribble, hand/eye stuff
Can draw squares and tiangles
Language w/ Preschoolers.

give examples of language development
language becomes more social w/ questions like Why? & How Come? Can understand phonically similar words, learn up to 10,000 words by age 6. The nurse avoids words that are confusing when preparing kids for procedures and assess their comprehension of explanations
Erickson advices what conserning he psychosocial development of the preschooler?
that the parents help preschools find a balance b/t INITITIVE & GUILT by allowing them to do things on their own while setting limits & providing guidance.
what do preschoolers do under stress?
revert to old habits:
bed wetting
sucking thumb
want parents to feed & dress
3 year olds will:
be stubborn, baby like, guard possessions, be jelous of parents love to each other, may stutter, loss intrest in food, destroy toys, ask why alot.
What do 4 year old do when under stress?
develop nervous habits like nail bitting, thumb sucking, genital manipulation, eye blinking, nose picking, take toys to school
what else would 4 year old do under stress?
whines to get their way
picks up fear from adults
act out, act silly
how does a 5 year old act under stress?
needs parents love and acceptance
fears loss of mom
difficulty adjusting to school
develop irrational fears
protect possesions
be a show off for praise
dillydally around
name calling
Nutrition concerns with preschoolers are?
vary little from Toddler. average intake is 800 calories. Quality of food more important than consumpion itself. 5 years olds will lose finiky ways and explore new foods