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The catalase test does what?
differentiates b/w these two bacteria: staphylococci and streptococci
"cata" is to "lase" as ______ and ______ are to "ococci"
Is always catalase +
positively loco
Is always catalase -
has a reputation for being negative
The catalase test uses what?
hydrogen peroxide (h202)
A positive catalase tests yields:
This agar contains catalase
blood agar - RBCs contain catalase
These tests are designed to test an organism against a known substance
Sensitivity tests
If it is susceptible to Bacitracin, it must be
S. pyrogenes (GAS)
Bacitracin whips GAS ASS!
If it is resistant to Bacitracin, it must be
Unknown beta-hemolytic Strep
Strep's not done yet!
If it is resistant to Optochin, it must be
S. viridans
What rhymes with chins?
S. viridans whips optochin
If it is susceptible to Optochin, it must be
S. pneumoniae
If it is susceptible to Novobiocin, it must be
S. epidermidis
If it is resistant to Novobiocin, it must be
S. saprophyticus
This test differentiates GBS from other beta-hemolytic streptococci:
CAMP test
A positive CAMP test is indicated by
an arrowhead-shaped area of enhanced hemolysis
A positive CAMP test tells you that the suspect is
S. agalactiae
This test helps to differentiate Group D Streptococci and E. faecalis from other streptococci
Bile Esculin test
Group Death Strep and E. Fatality are found with the Black Evil Test
Group D Streptococci is also known as
S. bovis
Death cattle
is possibly involved in colon cancer
S. bovis / Group D Strep
Death Strep
A positive Esculin test results in
blackening of the agar medium
Black Evil test: black agar
A positive Esculin test reveals that what must be present
either Group D Strep (S. bovis) or E. faecalis
Positive Evil test: Group death or fatalist
This test separates S. aureus from all other Staph species
Coagulase test
coagulase -> a from agglutination -> staph aureus
produces a coagulase enzyme that is involved in clotting
S. aureus
A positive Coagulase test yields
clumping, like a snowflake
A negative Coagulase tests yields
no clumping
The Coagulase test mixes the bacteria with
rabbit plasma
Coagulase initiates the terminal clotting sequence and converts ________ to ____________.
fibrinogen to fibrin
What kind of medium is MSA?
The Mannitol Salt Agar test separates other bacteria from
S. aureus
A positive MSA test yields
yellow agar
This test detects c-component of the cytochrome-oxidase complex
Oxidase test
The Oxidase test is important in identifying which bacteria?
Neisseria, Pasteurella, Pseudomonas
A positive Oxidase test results in a color change from clear to
This test differentiates H. influenzae from other Haemophilus species
X- and V-factor test
aka Heme
aka NAD
H. influenzae will only grow in the presence of
both X- and V-factors
a cheap X- and V-factor like test
Satellite test
The bacteria used in the Satellite test
S. aureus
The 5 members of the Enterobacteriaceae family:
E. coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella, Proteus
TSI Agar test is used to differentiate b/w those that ferment and those that do not ferment what?
TSI only differentiates b/w which type of bacteria?
Gram-negative rods
the TSI test also differentiates b/w producers and non-producers of
This test is important in identifying the Enterobacteriaceae family
TSI Agar test
TSI is like TMI -> diarrhea!
red pH indicator color means
yellow pH indicator color means
like pee
If the result of a TSI test is red butt and red slant, then
the bacteria cannot utilize the carbohydrates
If the result of a TSI test is yellow butt and red slant, then the organism can
ferment glucose to produce acids (pH lowers), then the bacterium breaks down peptone to produce ammonia (pH raises)
TSI test result: yellow butt and yellow slant means
ferments glucose, sucrose, and or lactose
TSI test result of blackening in the butt is indicative of what being produced from thiosulfate?
In TSL agar, H2S reacts with iron salt and precipitates in the form of
ferrous sulfide (black)
Tests the ability of the organism to produce indole from tryptophane
Indole test
ALWAYS indole positive
E. coli
A positive Indole test yields a
red-colored ring
A negative Indole test yields a
yellow-colored ring
the chemical used in the indole test
Kovacs reagent
a negative Urease test is what color?
a positive Urease test is what color?
red (from light pink ro rosy to bright magenta), depending on the strength of the urease
A weak urease producer
A strong urease producer
causes ulcers
H. pylori
An ultra-strength urease producer
H. pylori
A useful test of differentiation among glucose-nonfermenters
Nitrate reduction test
All members of this family reduce NO3 to NO2
Enterobacteriaceae family
UTI's are diagnosed by
elevated urine nitrite
If NO2 was produced, it yields what color compound in the Nitrate reduction test?
reduces NO3 to N2
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
All members of the Enterobacteriaceae family are motile, except
shigella & klebsiella
most of these are non-motile
Gram-positive organisms
some representatives of ________ genus are motile
L. monocytogenes is motile, but only at
room temperature
how do we distinguish L. monocytogenes from GBS?
it is motile at room temperature