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the crises for a newborn according to Erik Erikson is?
trust vs mistrust
which position is best for infants to be put to sleep?
on their back. not the side b/c they can then roll onto their stomachs and smother
what is an abnormal sign of a 3 month old baby?
not able to lift its head
what is the first soft food an infant should receive?
rice cereal
molding refers to what in the newborn?
the shape of their head
when an 8 month old kid ignores his parents in a hospital its called
a straight catherter needs ?
Ms Donagan has an indwelling catheter and a UTI. what intervention should be followed?
maintain a closed system
pt has a indwelling catheter. Can the nurse get a sterile specimen from the bag?
whats important to do b/f catherizing someone?
inflate the baloon b/f inserting it
what is exudate that is thick and yellow?
what does a serous wound look like?
clear, watery plasma
what does a serosanguineous wound look like?
pale, red, watery, mixture of clear and red fluid
what does a sanguinous wound look like?
bright red/ indicates active bleeding
the nurse drops a wound packing gause onto scrubbed abdomen?
throw it away and prepare a new one.
a nurse finds some stictches pulled apart on a wound and is not proximated. what is the proper response?
not to excite the patient but for them to lie calm and steady and get help
mr jones and family arrive at hospital ER complaining about chest pain. what is the correct response for this patient?
he is Dx w/ Cardiac arithmia.

what is appropiate response. Notify CCU of client's status and accompy him to CCU
apart of the admission procedure that must be completed by an RN is what?
the initial assessment
admitting a pt is a great opportunity for the RN to what?
to assess the general apperance to note anything important
most important part of a liscenced staff in regards to finances is what?
keeping the client well informed of his financial status???