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What is a word that means the opposite of another word?
begins with a
What is a word formed by combining two or more words
a compound word
begins with c
next letters is o
What is a word that is pronounced and spelled the same but has a different meaning?
a homonym
begins with h
next letter is o
What is a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word?
a synonym
begins with s and then y
What is a typical quality or feature of something or someone?
a characteristic
has to do with character
What is a word for novels, plays, short stories, essays poems that have lasting value or interest?
begins with l and ends in
What is a short section in a book or piece of music?
a passage
it is short, so you may pass it
What are the main events or action in a written work?
the plot
rhymes with lot
What are the time and place of the action in abook, play or movie?
the setting
is related to the word movie SET
What is a short title or description printed below a cartoon, drawing or photograph?
a caption
it captures your attention