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Heat and Cold are used for Tx for injuries.

What organ in the body regulates our temperature?
the hypothalamus acts as a thermostat to maintain us at 37ºC or 98.6º F
the body will respond to heat or cold both locally and systemically.

when do you use cold as therapy?
the reduce inflammation from injury to muscles & skeleton

apply cold first 24 to 48 hrs after injury

this is called cyrotherapy
what is vasoconstriction and what are some EX of?
vasoconstritction is body's reaction to conserve energy. Shivering. hair standing up, called PILOERECTION
what is vasodialtation?
persperation occurs to promote heat loss
the nurse has a legal responsiblility for safe applications of ...
heat and cold applications
what would a decreased circularatory system have with hot and cold applications?
a bad effect so the nurse could question a doctor's orders for a cold pack!
what would be a local response to a heat Tx?
reduced blood viscocity
reduced muscle tension
increased capillary permeability
what is the body's response to cold Tx?
local anethesia (stops the pain)
reduced cell metabolism
increased blood vicosity
decreased muscle tension
what would you never put a heating pad on?
a tooth ache. It would possibly send infection through the body
would you put a heating pad on a pain in the lower right quadrent?
no. it could rupture an appendix!
would you put a heat pad on a pt with dementia?
no. they will forget and you'll burn them
you would assess a pt b/f putting on a hot cold Tx. Assess for what?
alterations in skin integrity
contraindications to hot/cold like any skin injury
level of consciousness
cognitive state
why do we not give heating pads to the pts in Oregon?
seniors have impaired tactile feelings
they wouldn't know it if they were getting a burn!`
Old people can fall asleep w/ a heating pad on and what?
burn themselves!
don't use hot stones either!
what about edema and heat?
increased risk for burns w/ edema b/c any decreased vascular circulation issue is a burn issue
what is masseratin?
when moisture causes skin to break down get 2 layers together and its thin, ruby color. This is from mositure getting to skin from a heating Tx.
what about evaporation?
may cause Pt to experience chill
What does a warm soak provide?
promotes ciculation
debrides wounds
relaxes muscles
lessens edema
a way to apply some meds
what does federal law prohibit?
federal and state laws prohibit use of heating pads in nursing homes, assisted living, residential care, even w/ provider's order1
what is the maximun length a cold pack can stay on?
30 minutes

cold pack rule is 10 on and 10 off b/c of vasodialation. leaving a cold pak on constistantly would cause a skin injury
a cold compress for 20 minutes requires what?
a doctors order

observe for burning, numbing, mottling, redness, extreme paleness, bluish skin, discoloration
so 20 minutes is the limit for heat or cold Tx. what would you put on a sprain. hot or cold?
cold to a muscle sprain to stop pain, control bleeding, prevent edema
after the 20 Tx when can you put on another cold pack?
in an hour
what do you do b/f putting on a cold heat Tx?
document the baseline

what skin looked like b/f therapy
how client responded