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2 Party functions A
Provide for popular control of Government.
Foster Consensus.
2 Party Functions B
Recruit and develop talent.
Develp issues then educate and activate the public to action.
2 Party Functions C
Help manage the elction system.
Shape the direction of government.
Political Action Committees
groups of people that organize w/common cause.
5-27 groups
line in law that allows non-profit groups to run ads as long as it doesn't mention candidate.
Act of 1971
Set limist on contributions to Presidential & Congressional campaigns
Act of 1971 B
Cannot contribute more than 1,000 bucks.
Political Action commitees can get up to 5,000 bucks
Can give up to 20,000 bucks for National Party
U.S. v. Miller
Gov may restict automatic and irregular weapons.
Brady Law
after shooting Reagan, 5 day waiting period and background checks.
1994 Assault weapon ban.
Banned sale of 19 types of semi-auto assault weapons.
Civil Liberties
The personal rights and freedoms that the federal government cannot abridge by law.
Civil Rights
Rights of all americans to be treated equally under law without discrimination.
Freedom of Religion
Must have a secular purpose.
Can neither enhance or inhibit.
Does not promote excessive government entanglement.
Freedom of Expression
Clear and Present Danger test.
Bad tendency test.
Direct Incitement test.
Roe V Wade
Made abortion legal in most cases.