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Gregorian Chant
1. 600-1600
2. Pope Gregory head of catholic church
3. Monks wrote and organized chant under Pope Gregories outhority
4. Pope Gregory rained from 690-600
1. First mucial notes
2. ascending and descending
3. Represented by dots
4. created in the 11th century
5. incorporated lines in the 12 century
2 parts of a neumes
1. syllabic - 1 note per sylable
2. mellismatic - mor than one note per sylable
is set to music and is the most important part of the Catholic Church.

The Mass is the complex of prayers and ceremonies that make up the service of the Eucharist in the Latin rites
earliest form of polyphony
polyphonic texture (polyphony)
combination of two or more simultaneous melodic lines
polyphonic vocal form, usually consisting of two melodic lines, each with its own text above a plainchant melody, my or may not have accompiment
Troubadours and troveres
noble French poets and composers of art songs
Cantus Firmus
literally "firm chant," a pre-existing melody such as a chorale tune to which counterpoint has been set
One or more melodies that are staggered with respect to their starting points
Josquin Des Prez
1st Composer of complex music

Period: Renaissance

Most importane invented the 1-5th chords and paved the way for music

His masses were more conservative
Born: c. 1450 in Hainault, Belgium

Died: Saturday, August 27, 1521 in Condé-sur-l'Escaut, Belgium

Nation of Origin: Belgium
Lived during the Renaissance
Where the composer Giovonini Pierluigi was Born.

Born 1525 and died 1594

wrote polyhonic music
Giovonni Pierluigi
1. Composer during the renessance era
2. Catholic
3. Choir Boy
4. Organist 1544