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Compromise Of 1850
Compromise Of 1850: North Got California as a free state, The territory between Texas and New Mexico was given to New Mexico, and the abolition of Slave trade in Columbia. The South Got Popular sovernity for slavery, Texas got ten million dollars, and they made a more stingent fugitive-slave law.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
The Republicans are radicalized. It goes against the Missouri Compromise, allowing slavery in Louisiana Territory.
Dread-Scott Decision
Said by the Cheif Justice: Slavery can go into any territory and maybe even every state since they are private property.
In the Compromise of 1850 know the position of: Henry Clay.
He promoted the Compromise. He was the master of it.
In the Compromise of 1850 know the position of: John Calhoun.
Allow California in only if the rights of the south are protected.
In the Compromise of 1850 know the position of: Daniel Webster.
Allow popular soverngity because slavery will not go out to California.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and showed the harshness of slavery.
Overthrow of Missouri Compromise
Stephen Douglass. Slavery being allowed in Louisiana territory in exchange for the right to build the railroad.
Justice Taney
He stated that since a slave was private property, he or she could be taken into any territory and be held there in slavery.
Anthony Burns
He was a runaway slave that went to Boston and cause a huge ordeal. It took two regiments of Marines and 2,000 Soldiers to get him out. Then the Bostonians wanted to help him out, and then Boston became a Haven.
Higher Law
"Higher Law Seward." Higher law is juding what's right and wrong more by conscience than by written law.
Popular Sovereignty
This happenes in Kansas. It means that slavery will be decided upon based on the feelings of the people.
Overthrow of Missouri Compromise
Stephen Douglass. Slavery being allowed in Louisiana territory in exchange for the right to build the railroad.
California came in as a free state.
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
This drew huge crowds, and was reported in the NY Times. Douglass was the favored candidate in the South. This made Lincoln a national figure, and made Douglass lose his southern base.
Radical successors who wanted slavery expanded.
Wilmot Proviso
Any territory taken from Mexico shouldn't have slavery in it. It wasn't passed.
Impact Of Mexican War
It provided a lot of land that would be faught over concerning the extension of slavery.
Harper's Ferry
The Southern Town that John Brown took over.
Bleeding Kansas
The Abilitionishts and Fire-Eaters went into Kansas for the popular soverngity vote. They faught for two years.
Ossawattamie Brown
John Brown is an abolitionist who led a raid andtook over a Southen Town called Harper's Ferry, hoping to cause a slave rebellion.
Preston Brooks
He was a congressman from South Carolina who Canes Charles Sumner on the Senate Floor.
Charles Sumner
He gets caned on the Senate Floor by Brooks for critisizing the South.
1860 Election
NO NATIONAL PARTY. Democratic party was divided. Democratic Representative: Douglass and Beckinridge. Republican Representative: Lincoln. Constitution Party: Bell. Lincoln won by 39% with most of the Electoral College Votes. Lincoln was a Minority President.
Attitude Of The North Toward Run-A-Way Slaves
They're on the slaves side. They feel like the should be allowed to run away, and they help him do it.
Role Of Presdient Buchanan
He was the president when Lincoln was elected. The South secedes when Lincoln is elected and he did nothing.
Rise of the Republican Party
They represented the strong attitude that slavey should not extend.
Free Soil Party
They were against the extension of Slavery. And they joined this party to keep slavery out of their state. 1843.
John C. Freemont
He was the first Republican Candidate. He does pretty well in the election considering that they were only around for two years.
Impressible Conflict
Henry Sewers states that the North and South were SO OPPOSED that war was the only way to solve it.