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Estate System
Social system that existed since the Middle Ages in France
middle class
Was French parliament; King Louis XVI called meeting to raise new taxes due to financial crisis in government
French prison & armory
Declaration of the Rights of Man
Document that stated the rights of man (liberty, property, security, etc)
Declared equal rights, all citizens allowed to take part in making laws, & gave freedom of speech
Paris Commune
Radical political groups (declaring themselves a commune) organized a mob to attack royal palace & Legislative Assembly
Forced Assembly to suspend monarchy & call for National Convention
Committee of Public Safety
Created to meet potential conflicts
Special committee of 12 members given broad powers in the government
Lead by Georges Danton and Maximilien Robespierre
a device used to behead people
Council of Elders elected 5 directors to make up executive committee
Tennis Court Oath
Members of National Assembly swore to continue to meet until they produced a French constitution
coup d’etat
over thronging of a government
Was technically still a republic
Position of Consul basically served the as the president
Napoleonic Code
Helped preserve revolutionary ideals such as equality of all citizens before the law, religious toleration, abolition of serfdom, right to choose a profession, etc
Continental System
Idea was to defeat them by destroying their economy
Continental System
Idea was to defeat them by destroying their economy.
Did not work because most European countries ignored system & traded with them anyway
try to take away the Christianity church
Reign of Terror
The committee set up efforts in France to meet crisis at home