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During Piaget's heteronomous stage, children's moral judgments are base on
a. the intentions behind the act
b. the seriousness of the consequences of the act
c. the status of the actor
d. the events leading up to the act
Among white adolescents, maternal employment is associated with
a. lower school grades for both males and females
b. lower school grades for midle and upper middle class boys
c. lower school grades for lower class males
d. lower school grades for middle class maels and females
Decentralization is preferable to centralization when an organization:
a. is operating in a highly competeitive and constantly changing evnironoment
b. is operating in a predictable market and methods of prodcutions are relatively stable
c. is experncign a slow rate of growth and has a stong willed leader
d. has little competition
During the third therapy session a client reveals to you that he has been seeing another psychologist for the past six months. The client claims that this therapist does not seem to be doing any good and that he feels you'll be better able to help him. As an ehtical psychologist, ou should:
a. call the psycholoigsit and infrm her of the situation but only with the client's consent
b. tell the cleient you will continue therapy with him but discuss the iplications of the situation
c. tell the client you cannot continue therapy with him unless he terminates therapy with the other psychologist
d. continue seeing the client but suggest that it wold be best if he terminates therapy with the other pscychologist
The owner of a company has decided that, to determine how well employees are performing, employees will be watched while performin gtheir jobs for a predetermined period of time. Based on the relevant research, you predict that the employees' performance during the period of observation will"a. be nhibited if the task is easy
b. be inhibited if the task is complex
c. be enhanced whterht the task is easy or complex
d. be inhibited whether the task is wasy or complex
A psychologist administers a 100 item true/false test to 50 examinees. The mean of the score distribution is 60 and it s SD is 8. If the psychologist decides to correct each examinee's score using the standard correction for guessing formaula, she can expect that:
a. the mean and the SD of the new distribution will both be lower
b. the mean and the SD of the new distrubtion will both be higher
c. the mean of the new distirbution will be lower and it sSD will be higher
d. the mean of the new distribution will be hihgerand its SD will be lower
At >>>> months of age, infants begin to serach for a hidden object, but reach for the object in the last place they found it even when they have seen the object moved to another location
a. 4-8 months
b. 8 to 12 months
c. 12 to 18 months
d. 18 to 24
The provisions of APA's General Guidenlines for Providers of Psychological Services require that Professional Psychologist have:
a a masters or doctoral degree in psychology
b. a masters or doctoral deree in psychology plus compensatory professional experience
c. a doctoral degree in psychology from a regionally accredited university or professional school
d. an appropriate license or certificate in psychology
In the context of the Rorschach test, positive form quality indicates
a. incorporation of inkblot details into the response
b. congruence between the response and relaity
c. that the response is based entirely ont he inkblot shape
d. that form is well integrated with other determinants
You receive a subpoena form the court requesting that you suppoly it with copies ofyour records on a formeer client. apparently, the client has been charged with a crime and is using insanity as his defense. you ahould
a. refuse to turn over the records to the court because to do so would be a breach of the client's confidentiality
b. turen over the records only if you believe they will help the client's case
c. turn over the records to teh court unless the client changes his plea
d. turn over the records to the court regardless of the client's plea
A ____seizure affects movement and sensation, usually on one side of the body without a loss of consiousness:
a. petit mal
b. atonic
c. clonic
d. simple partial
As defined by Piaget, a child is exhibiting "horizontal decalage" when he/she:
a. reasons from one particular even tto another event
c. can performa a task with assistance but not alone
c. gradually makes finer and finer distinctions between stimuli over time
d. manifests inconsistency in exhibiting a particular type of ability
Kochanska's (1997) research suggest that during the toddler years, the optimal parental behaviover for ensuring the development of consience in a child depdns on the child's:
a. actvity level
b. level of fearfulness
c. intelligence
d. attachment
Which of the following individuals distinguishes between Steady State, linear, spiral and transitory career concepts
a. Super
b. Holland
c. Driver
d. Krumboltz
Research investigating the impact of group heterogneity and task performance has generally found that:
a. group heterogenetiy is always preferable to group homogeneity regardless of the typ of task
b. group homogeneity is always preferable to group heterogeneity regardless of the tye type of task
c. group heterogeneity is preferable on disbjunctive tasks but acn actually be determental on some other types of tasks
d. group heterogeneity is preferable on conjunctive tasks but canactually be deterimental on some other types of tass
A 41 year old man with an alcohol problem has developed both withdrawal and tolerance. A diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence will be appropriate if the man's symptoms have a duriation of at least 12 months and
a. members of the man's family say that, as a result of his alcohl use he no longer participates in normal family and leisure acitivities
b. members of the mean's family confirm that he ordinarily prefers to drink alone
c the man reports a storng persistent craving fro alcoh
d. the man vehemently denies that he has a drinking problem despite evidence to the contrary
According to Mahler's object relations theory, the development of a sense of self that is the result of a separation-individuation process that beigns at about ____moths of age
a. 2-3
b. 4-5
c. 8-10
d. 12-14
Tactile sensation and viusospatial functions are mediated primarily by the
a. frontal lobe
b.occipital lobe
c. parietal lobe
d. temporal lobe
Recent studies by the CDC have confirmed that teen birth and pregnanty rates have steadily decreased since the 60s in the US with the excpetion of an increase in the late 80s to 91. In terms of race and ethnicity, these studies have found that pregnancy rates among females aged 15 to 24 are currently the highest for
a. white non-hispanic
b. black non-hispanic
c. hispanic
d. asians/pacific islanders
The use ofshaping to estabilish a complex behavior depens on which of the followng:
a. latent learning
b. positive reinforcemnt
c. higher order conditioning
d. successive discrimination
During an experiment, the investigator asks subects about their beliefs regarding the study's purpose and how they were expected to perform. When analyzin ghte data, she finds that the subjects' actual performance is sconsistent with their beliefs and expectations. This suggests that the study's resulst may be confoundd by:
a. carryover effects
b. changing criteria
c. the Hawthorne effect
d. demand characteristics
Sherif's 1965 social judmnet theory implies that, before trying to persuade someone to your point of view, you shoud consider his/her
a. categories of judgment
b. locus of control
c. category-based expectancies
d. level of sel monitoring
To identify any visual-motor deficit in a 3 year old child that might lead to later learning and behavior problems, you would use which of the following:
a. Lindoln Oseretsky Motor Development Scale
b Primary Visual Motor Test
c. Purdie Percetual Motor Survey
d. Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration
According to DSM IV TR, in children GAD
a. usually first develops after a recent loss such as parental divorce or death of a family member
b. is usually manifested as autonomic hyperarousal and other prominent physical symptoms
c. is often manifested as excessive conern about performance or competence at school
d. typically involves crying, tantrums, freezing, and clinging to family members, espeaiclly among those under 7 years of age
A recent meta-analysis of the research on expressed emotion and relapse by Butzlaff and Hooley (1998) found that high levels of expressed emotion by family members:
a. are predictive of relapse for patients with shcizophrenia but not for paitents with a mood or eating disorder
b. are predictive of relapse for patients with a mood disorder or schizophrenia but not those with an eating disorder
c. are predictive or relapse for patients with an eating disorder or a mood disorder but not for patients with schizophrenia
d. may be somewhat more predictive of relapse for patients with a mood or eating disorder than for patients with schizophrenia
In their study of factors that affect memory across the lifespan, Park et al (1996) found that perceptual processing speed and ____ are the best predictors of age-related variability in performance on tasks assessing effortful long-term memory.
a. working memory
b. interference
c. verbal ability
d. sensory memory
Research evaluating the imipact of child sexual abuse on the adjustment of males and females has :
a. consistently found that negative outcomes are essentially the same for amles and females n terms of both nature and severity
b. consistently found that negative outcomes are worse for males than for females in terms of both nautre andseverity
c. consistnetly found that negative outocmes are worse for females than for males in terms of both nature and severity
d. produced inconcsitent results with some studies showing that femalse have more negative outcomes and others finding that the outcomes are similar for males and females
Theories of career choice and development can be categorized in terms of four basic types. The theories of Tiedeman and O'Hara 1963 and Tideman and Miller-Tiedeman 1984 are examples of the _____ approach:
a. developmental
b. trait oriented
c. reinforcement based
d. personality
Research comparing day, swing, and night shifts has found that:
a. the night shift has the most detrimetnal impact on both social relations and health
b the night shift ahs the most detrimental impact on health and may be similar to the swing shift in terms of negative consequence fos social relations
c. the night shift has the most detrimetnal impact on social relations but is no different thatn the other shifts in terms of health problems
d. the night shift has the most detrimetnal impact on health but is no different thatn the other shifts in terms of social relations
Incentive/reward theory implies that which of the following is most important for ensuring worker motivation
a. cleraly typing positive reinforcers to effective performance
b. making jobs interesting, attractive and satisfying
c. explicityly linking individual goals to organizational goalds
d. allowing workers to identify their preferred benefits
In an experiment on memory, the researcher utters a string of ten letters with in a span of threee seconds and suddently stos and asks the subjects what the last five letters were. Apparently this researcher is ivnestigating
a. working memory
b. semantic memory
c. iconic memory
d. echoic memory
A rearcher investigating implicit memory will most likely use which of the following tasks
a. free recall
b. paired associate
c. word-stem completion
d. verbal recognition
Research on Kindig and Richards 2000 compared the performance of children with a history of otitis media to peers wtihout a history of this disorder on teh WISC-R. Their results revealed that children who had ottitis media:
a. scored significantly lower than other children on the Verbal comprehension factor only
b. scored significantly lower than other children on teh Verbal Comprehension and PO factors
c. scored signficantly lower than other children on teh VC, PO, and Freedeom from distractibility factors
d. scored about the same as other childen on all three WISC factors
A psychologist has been seeing a 12 year old in therapy for several weeks with the consent of the girl's mother and father. Suddently however both parents withdraw their consent. The psychologist believes that it is in the best interests of the girl to continue therapy. His best course of action woud be to
a. stop the treatment because both parents have withdawn their consent but provide them with referrals to other therapists
b. consitnue to see hte girl without the paretns' consent
c. seek judicial intervention
d. obtain a signed consent from the girl and continue treatment
According to Center for Disease control statistics among American Indians/Native Americans: a. the rates for homicide and suicidae are both lower than the national rates
b. the reates for homicide and suicide are both higher than the national rates
c. the rate for homicide is higher but the rates for suicide is lower than the national rates
d. the rate for homicide is lower but the rate for suicide is higher than the national rates
Dr. Kaplan is involved as a consultant in a theme-inteference-reduction type of consultee centered case consultation. The approach that he will adopt is most similar to which of the following?
a) Freudian psychoanalysis
b) Pearl's Gestalt theory
c) Stampfl's implosive therapy
d) Beck's cognitive therapy
A DSM-IV diagnosis of mental retardation requires an IQ score that is at least:
a) one-half SD below the mean
b) one SD below the mean
c) two SB below mean
d) three SD below mean
As defined by Bandura, self efficacy beliefs have four sorces;
a) past accomplishment, observations of others, verbal persuasion, and logical verification
b) external reinforcement, internal, self-reinforcement, vicarious reinforcement, and logical verification.
c) observation of others, imitation of others, reinforcement of others, and self-reinforcement.
d) observation, cognitive mediation, rehersal, and successful performance.
Clozapine (clozaril), is sometimes preferable to chlorpromazine (Thorazine) as a treatment for Schizophrenia because it is less likely to produce;
a) sedation
b) extrapyramidal side effects
c)anticholinergic side effects
d) bone marrow suppression.
A 13 y/o is having trouble doing his homework. He does not understand some of the material he is supposed to study and is unable to recall things he has already reviewed. Most likely the boys problems are due to:
a) the boys lack of metacognitive skills
b)his inconsistent use of elaboration and other coding strategies
c)the boy's inadequate learning strategies
d) the boy's difficulty in focusing attention.
In organizations, the best predictor of contextual performance is:
a) a personality measure
b) a cognitive ability test
c) a BIB
d) a work sample
Among AA- high context communication is manifested in
a) the use of many words to communicate a message that would require only a few words for the euro-American
b)the use of a few words to communicate a message that would require many words for a euro-amer.
c) the use of indirect gaze when listening or speaking.
d) the avoidance of eye contact when listening or speaking.
According to Maslow's theory of motivation, when a persona preponent need is ungratified:
a) the person becomes less motivated.
b) the person may regress to a lower-level need.
c) the ungratified need continues to be a primary motivator,
d) the ungratified need continues to be a primary motivator only when there is a good chance that is will eventually be satisfied.
FOr a diagnosis of bulemia nervosa an individual has to exhibit which of the following:
a) purging following binge eating for at least one month.
2) binge eating for at least three months.
c) lack of control over eating plus either purging or excesive exercise for at least two months.
d) binge eating and some type of inappropritae compendatory behavior for at least three months.
Jarome Kagan has related the basic temprement quality of inhibition (degree of approach or withdrawal in new situations) to:
a) prenatal development
b) intellectual capacity
c) caregiver behaviors
d) CNS reactivity
To construct the %68 CI for an examinees obtained test score, you would need the examinee's score and:
a) the test's mean
b) the SD
c) the standard error of measurement
d) the standard error of estimate
Bandura's social learning theory implies that, in organizational settings a training program will be most effective when:
a) it includes frequent rewards for reaching goals
b) it targets the cognitive processes underlying successdul task performance
c) traniees posess prerequisite skills before training begins
d) models are clearly reinforced for successful performance.
A patient with Broca's would be most likely to exhibit:
a) apathy
b) intense anxiety and depression
c) inappropriate giddiness
d) explosive episodes of anger and violence
David Perry (1986) looked at the cognitive mediators of aggression in children and have found that, in comparison to their nonaggressive peers, highly aggressive children:
a) have higher levels of self-efficacy with regard to both antisocial and prosocial behaviors
b) are less likely to be aware of the physical and emotional effects of their aggression on others.
d) are more likely to believe that aggression will reduce aversive tretment by others
In conflict resolution, the primary role of a mediatior is to:
a) derive a workable solution to the problem tha twill be acceptable to all disputants.
b) have disputants offer solutions and the choose the best one him/her self
c) help disputants consider alternative solutions to the problem
d) act as a "go between" by working with each disputant individually.
In structural family therapy, "joining" depends on:
a) the motivation of the family members to change
b) the permeability of the boundaries between the family members
c) the tehrapist ability to remain neutral
d) the therapist ability to adapt to the family
According to Atkinson, Morten and Sue (1989) Racial/Cultural Identity Model, the final stage of identity development is characterized by:
a) assimilating into the dominant culture
b) developing a self identity that is cocnsisitent with one's racial cultural backgroung
c) adopting a identity that is independant of the minority and majority cultures,
d) adopting a multicultural perspective
A diagnosis of undifferentiated somatoform do requires which of the following:
a) at least 8 different physical complaints
b) at least one psuedoneurological symptom
c) at least one physical complaint
d) preoccupation with physical symptoms.
Studies using neuroimaging techinques have found that, on learning and memory tasks, older adults exhibit less activation in the left hemisphere than younger adults, which confirms that age related declines in memory are largely due to
a) reduced memory capacity
b) problems in retrieval
c) problems in encoding
d) reduced motivation
In structural family therapy, "joining" depends on:
a) the motivation of the family members to change
b) the permeability of the boundaries between the family members
c) the tehrapist ability to remain neutral
d) the therapist ability to adapt to the family
According to Atkinson, Morten and Sue (1989) Racial/Cultural Identity Model, the final stage of identity development is characterized by:
a) assimilating into the dominant culture
b) developing a self identity that is cocnsisitent with one's racial cultural backgroung
c) adopting a identity that is independant of the minority and majority cultures,
d) adopting a multicultural perspective
A diagnosis of undifferentiated somatoform do requires which of the following:
a) at least 8 different physical complaints
b) at least one psuedoneurological symptom
c) at least one physical complaint
d) preoccupation with physical symptoms.
Studies using neuroimaging techinques have found that, on learning and memory tasks, older adults exhibit less activation in the left hemisphere than younger adults, which confirms that age related declines in memory are largely due to
a) reduced memory capacity
b) problems in retrieval
c) problems in encoding
d) reduced motivation
On the verbal subtest of the WISC a child with impaired hearing would most likely obtain the lowest score on the DS subtest. On performance subtests, the childs lowest score would most likel be on:
a) object assembly
b) block design
c) picture arrangement
d) arithmetic
Your ability to clearly remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard about the OKC bombing is attributable to the phenomenon known as "flashbulb memory". The memory is associated with the:
a) RAS
b) prefrontal cortex
c) limbic system
d) occipital lobe
Clomipramine apparently exerts its beneficial effects on obsessive-compulsive symptoms through its action on:
a) epinephrine
b) norepinephrine
c) dopamine
d) serotonin
Deficits in behavioral inhibition asso. with ADHD have been linked to abnormalities in which of the fllowing brain structures:
a) hypothalamus
b) RAS
c) cingulate gyrus
d) caudate nucleus
Roe, Holland, and Brill share in common an emphasis on the role of _______ in career choice:
a) aptitide
b) personality
c) social pressure
d) vocational interests
A low selection ratio and a moderate base rate are useful for:
a) maximizing incremental validity
b) reducing the likelihood of adverse impact
c) increasind discriminant validity
d) reducing measurement error
Dementia due to HIV is characterized by:
a) aphasia, irritability, and anxiety
b) apraxia, primative reflexes, and behavioral disinhibition
c) involuntary movements, fatigue and altered vision
d) apathy, social withdrawal and psychomotor slowing.
In training, providing "identical elements" is most useful for:
a) maximizing overlearning
b) reducing the probability of proactive and retroactive interference
c) ensuring transfer of training
d) providing opportunities for active practice
A task oriented leader is most effective when the work situation is characterized by either good-leader member relations, a structured task, and a strong leader power or by moderately poor leader member relations, an unstructured task, and weak leader power, This is predicted by:
a) Fiedler's contingency theory
b) Hershey and Blanchard's situational leadership model
c) House path goal theory
d) Vroom, Yetton, and Jago's normative model
A 60 y/o man with Korsakoff's would have difficulty
a) remembering how to shave and brush his teeth
b) remembering what he watched on TV last night
c) remembering where he went to college
d) retrieving info from short term memory
A person with associative visual agnosia
a) can name a familiar object she sees but does not know how to use it
b) cannot name a familiar object she sees but can name it when it is palced in her hand
c) cannot name a familiar object because she does not recognize it
d) recognizes a familiar object but is unable to identify it
Underlying the technique known as stress inoculation is the assumption that:
a) exposure to stressful situations extinguishes the stress reaction to habituation
b) exposure to stressful situationsleads to cathrsis, which results in reduced reactivity
c) successful coping with stress strendthens the ability to cope with stress in the future
d) expecting exposure to stressful stimuli reduces their impact
Symptoms during the early stages of Alzheimers disease have been most closely linked to which type of neuron
a) cholinergic
b) serotonergic
c) GABAergic
d) noradrenergic
According to Helms the ability of wites to develop a healthy racial identity is most closely related to:
a) identification with a particualr cluture
b) ego-identity development
c) social identification
d) the extent of racism in society
Approximately ___ of women experience moderate to severe post partum depression that persists for weeks:
a) 2-5
b) 10-15
c) 20-30
d) 10-45
Which of the following approaches in family therapy encourages the therapist to engage in therapeutic family triangles during treatment:
a) extended family systems
b) communication/interaction family therapy
c) adaptive family therapy
d) strategic family therapy
Which of the following statement is incorrect about computer assisted instruction in the classroom
a) in increases social interactions
b) in leads to improvements on standardized achievement tests
c) it decreases students phobias towards computers
d) it is more beneficial for high ability students
The effectiveness of clomipramine in alleviating symptoms of OCD and trichotillomania suggests that these disorders are due to:
a) oversensitivity to GABA
b) imbalance between acetylcholine
c) oversensitivity to serotonin or dopamine
d) shortage of serotonin
The inability to repeat what one has just heard without a loss of comprehension is:
a) Broca's
b) Wernickes
c) conduction aphasia
d) anomic aphasia.
Several approaches are commonly used as the basis for the development of interest tests.
The strond and Kuder represent which approach:
a) trait
b) factor
c) clinical
d) actuarial
To assess the general intelligence of a six year-old deaf child, you would use which:
a) Halstead-Reitan
b) Kaufman
c) Peabody Picture Vocabulary test
d) Hiskey-Nebraska
Children normally begin to talk somewhere around their 1st b-day. Studies investigating the nature of the child's language development have shown that a large proporation of a childs first words refer to:
a) objucts that re somehow related to eating
b) objects the child can hold
c) objucts that are static and invariable
d) objects that move or change
Among AA males, aged 15-24:
a) the rates for suicide are less than for white males, but teh rates for both are increasing
b) the rates are higher than for white males, vut the ratesfor both are increasing
c) the rates are less that for that of white males of the same age, and the rates for AA are increasing while the rtes for wihites are decreasing
d) the rates of suicide are greater than for white males of the same age, but the rates for AA are decreasing while the rates for whites are increasing.
Slight and incomplete paralysis is rferred to:
a) parathesia
b) paresis
c0 hemiplegia
d) athetosis
In treating a patient with delirium, a priority is to identify and then treat or remove it's cause. In addition it is important to
a) make sure the patient is provided with adequate stimulation
b) keep the patient in a quiet roomwhere he or she can be monitored
c) administer a neuroleptic the reduce the patients agitation
d) make sure family and friends visit regularly
A feeling of numbness or tingling in one's arms and legs is asso. with:
a) Caffeine Intox.
b) panic do.
c) factitious disorder
d) hypothyroidism
A hispanic client would have the most difficulty working with a non-Hispanic therapist who:
a) views interdependancy as both health and necessary
b) emphasizes formality over informality
c) uses a multi-modal approach
d) emphasizes a here and how perspective
A number of projections have been made about the nature of the workforce by the year 2000. WHich of the following is not accurate about these projections:
a) the size of the labor force will increase in the 1990's at a slower rate than it has at any time since the 1930's
b) about one-third of new entrants into the workforce in the 1990's will be members of minority groups.
c) while the porportion of young workers will decrease, the porportion of older workers will increase
d) by the year 2000 women will take up nearly %50 of the workforce
An employer can refuse to hire older workers:
a) when there is a much larger porportion of younger workers for the job
b) when a previous experience with an older worker has suggested that they cannot perform the job successfully
c) when the employer hires older workers for other jobs in the company
d) when younger age is clearly required by the nature of the job.
The FI scallop refers to:
a) the characteristic pause followed by an increase in responding that occurs within each fixed interval
b) the characteristic increase in responding that occurs after reinforcement
c) the gradual pause followed by an essential instantaneous high rate of responding that occurs between each fixed interval
d) the pause in responding that signals satiation after exposure to an extended fixed interval schedule.
The correction for attenuation formula is useful for estimating a validity coeffeicient when:
a) sources of systematic error have been controlled
b) sources of criterion contamination have not been adequately eliminated
c) measurement error had affected the magnitude of the coefficient
d) sampling error has apparently biased the magnitude of the coefficient
When preparing an advertisement for her services; a psy. should keep in mind that, with regard to appeals to fear:
a) they are prohibited by ethics code
b) they are prohibited by the ethics code only if they "arouse fear and anxiety"
c) they are prohibited by the ethics code only if they include false o, deceptive, or misleading information
d) they are no longer prohibited by the ethics code
From a "control systems" perspective, when est. control mechanisms are no longer effective due to radical changes in the environment, new mechnisms must be sought or developed. These new mechanisms will ehlp the system adapt to the new environmental changes by providing:
a) negative feedback
b) positive feedback
c) formative evaluations
d) summative evaluations
In treating a client, a rality therapist would most likely be interested in which of the following:
a) the clients sesne of responsibility and neds for power, freedom, and belongingness
b) clients cognitive distortions
c) the nature of the clients ego state pathology
d) the clients level of "response-ability"
LISREL is used to analyze
a) uniderictional and bidirectional casual relationships between latent variables
b) unidirectional and casual relationships between observed variables
c) orthogonal relationships between two or more variables
d) orthogonal or oblique relationships between two or more sets of variables
An undergrad is asked by a professor to assist in a new research project. The student will help with the literature review and data analysis. According to the ethics cde, when the research is published, the student should, at a minimum:
a) be listed as co-author
b) be mentioned in an introductory statement or footnote
c) be mentioned in the abstract
d) recieve a letter of recommendation from the professor
The professional standards review comittee asks you to provide it wil info from a former client who had filed a complaint aganist her current therapist. As an ethical psychologist you should:
a) refuse under any circumstances
b) determine if a waiver of confidentiality has been obtained by the comittee before releasing any info.
c) provide the committee with the info they request since a waiver is not needed in the situation
d) provide the committee with only the info you believe to be relevant to the complaint filed by the client
A psych. is asked by a company to eval the eligibility of certain employees for promotion. The psych evals the employees and on the basis of test and interview results , writes a report which he submits to the company. One of the employees who is not promoted asks the psych for a copy of the report and of the test that was administered to him. The psych should?
a) give a copy and let him look at test
b) give a copy of the report but refuse to let him see test
c) set up an appointment with the employee to discuss the report and test results with him
d) refuse to give the employee a copy of the report or test since the company is the client
HIV infection is often described in the literature in terms of three stages. The 2nd stage is characterized by a strong immune system reesponse and:
a. swollen glands but few other symtpoms
b. flu like symptoms
c. the onset of numerous opportunistic infections
d. impaired concentration, attention and motor activity
The onset of bulimia often follows a period of moderate dieting, which has been linked to low blood levels of tryptophan. Low levels of tryptophan in turn, are associated with:
a. lower than normal levels of brain serotonin
b. higher than normal levels of brain serotonin
c. lower than normal levels of brain dopamine
d. higher than normal levels of brain dopamine
As origninally definted by Tatum adn Seevers (1931), habituation ocdurs when
a. a person develops physical dependence on a drug wtihout developing tolernace
b. a person develops both phsyical and psychological dependence on a drug
c. a person desires a dug but does not experience adverse effects when he/she discontinues it
d. the adverse side effects of a drug n o longer deter a person from using it
D.W. Sue (1978) describes worldview in terms of 2 independent dimensions - locus of control and locus of responsibility. From this perspective an Anglo therapist with an interna locus of control and internal locus of responsibility is most likelty to experince problem swhen working with an African American client who has an:
a. external locus of control and internal locus of responsibility
b. external locus of control and exernal locus of responsibility
c. internal locus of contorl and external locus of responsibility
d. internal locus of control and internal locus of responsibility
The final stage in Cross's model of identify development for African-Americans is
a. internalization -commitment
b. incorporation
c. integrative awareness
d. autonomy
Wernicke's area is located in teh
a.occipital lobe
b. temporal lobe
c. frontal lobe
d. parietal lobe
From the perspective of Tuckman's 1965 model of group formation an emphasis on fun, socializating, and enjoyment is characteristic of the ______ stage:
a. norming
b. forming
c. performing
d. storming
In terms of alcohol use, recent surveys indicate that:
a. among all individuals aged 12 and older, American Indians/ Alaskan Native are more likely to report drinking in the past month than members of all other racial/ethic groups
b. among all individuals aged 12 and odler, American Indians/Alaskan Natives are less likely to report drinking in the past mont than others
c. American Indians/Alaskan Natives between the ages of 12 -17 are more likely to report drinking in the past month than individuals of the same age belonging to other racial/ethnic groups
d. American Indiansalaskan Natived aged 26 and over are more likley to report drinkign in the past month than individuals of the same age belonging to other racial/ethnic groups
An elderly adult in th emiddle stage of Alzheimer's disease is most likelyt o exhibit which of the following:
a. apathy, incontinence, and aan inability to recognize close relatives and friends
b. estlessness and agitation, hallucinations, and problems with verbal communication
c. disorientations, ST memory loss and indifference or sadness
d. poor judgment and insight, changes in speech and writing, and tremor
From the perspective of the biopsychosocial model, relapse among substance abusers is dur primarily to
a. self defeating personality triats and congitions
b. pressure to re-establish homeostatsis
c. high levels of expressed emotion by family members
d. the addictive disease process
Coalitions, two and three generation conflicts, and rule governed behavior are key concerns for pracitioners of
a. Haley's Problem Solving therapy
b. de Shazer's solution focused therapy
c. Glasser's REality Therpay
dl Bowen's Extended Family Systems Therapy
A dopamine agonist would be least useful for treating wich of the following:
a. the cognitive impairments of Alzheimer's
b. the motor symptomsof Parking's
c. the ysmptoms of neuroletpic malignant syndrome
d. the symptoms of restless leg syndrome
Loren's 1957 research on imprinting in ducklins ang gostlins had the greatest impact on the study of ______ in human infants
a. fear
b. brain development
c. sociability
d. attachment
Offense hisotry has been found to be a good predictor of reoffense among juvenile offenders. Of the offense history factors, which is LEAST predictive of re-offense
a. age of first contact with the law
b. length of 1st incarceration
c. age of commencement of first offense
d. number of prior arrests
According to Erikson, successful resolution of the fnal stge of psychosocial development involves which of the following:
a. identity
b. intimacy
c. wisdom
d. hope
On the WISD III, a child obtains a Verbal IQ score that is 20 points higher than his Performance IQ score, This is best interpreted as
a. normal variation in scores
b. poor visual motor intergration
c. alearning disability
d. antiscoial behavior
In response to the cries of an infant:
a. only the infant's mother exhibits an increase in heart rate and blood pressure
b. oly the infant's caregivers exhibt an increase in heart rate and blood pressure
c. only experienced parents exhibit an increase in heart rate and blood pressure
d. the infant's caregiers, experienced parents, adn childless adults exhibit an increase in heart rate and blood pressure
An adult client has low self esteema nd a sense of underachievement, has trouble setting goals, gets bored easily and constantly seeks news interest, and oftens gets drunk. These symptoms are most suggestive of:
a. Impulse Control Disorder NOS
c. Depressive Personality Disorder
d. Antisocial Personality Disorder
Research on the effects of gender on goal-setting indicates that
a. goal setting significantly increases the erformance of both males and females when goals are particpatively set or assigned
b. goal setting significantly increases th epefromance of both maels and females only when goals are articipatively set
c. goal setting significantly increasees the performance of males, but not females, when goals are assigned, but increases the performance of males and females when goals are particpatively set
d. goal setting significantly increases the perfromance of females, but not males when goals are assigned but increases the perfromance of mels and females when goals are participatively set
Acording to Fiedler's contingency model of leadership, interpersonal relations between a leader and his/her least preferred coworker are important when the worker is
a. well-liked
b. neither liked nor disliked
c. disliked
d. extremely disliked
Accrding to Theodore Millon, when fantasy and repression fail to help narcisstics deal with personal failure and social humiliation, these individuals typically resort to
a. denial and confabulation
b. rationalization and projection
c. displacement and reaction fomration
d. hypchondriasis
Research on attachment has shown that young victims of child abuse are more ikelly to exhibit which of the following attachment patterns:
a. disengaged
b. avoidant
c. ambivalent
d. disorganized
The Ethics Code requires that a psychologist discuss the issues of fees and billing policies with a new client
a. rior to the first consultation
b. during the 1st session
c. when the psychologst deems it appropriate
d. as eaerly as feasible
When initially hired by a company, Wally Worker is told that he'll be receiving regular raises and bonuses as long as his work is satisfacotry. Although Wally has received escellent review from his supervisor druing his 2 year period of employment, he has not been givien the rewards he was promised. According to expectancy theory, which of the following of Wally's beliefs will be negatively affected by these circumstances:
a valence
b. growth need strength
c. expenctany
d. instrumentality
The intense sleep attack associated with Narcolepsy is characterized by
a. REM sleep and cataplexy
b. REM sleep and dyskinesia
c. slow wave sleep and ataxia
d. slow wave sleep and muscular rigidity
Common method bias refers to the fact that there is likely to be some degree of correlation among similar methods of measurement even if they are designed to assess different characteristics. Which of thee following techniques was designed to contorl the effects of common method bias:
a. method analysis
c. prinicpal components analysis
d. multitrait-multimethod matrix
A mixed standard scale attempt to overcome halo, leniency, and similar rater biases by
a. using a forced choice format that paris items with a similar level of social desirability
b. requiring the rater to make compairsons between two or more empoyees on each job behavior
c. presenting statemetns descirbng job behaviors in a way that obscures their order of merit
d. anchoring each point on th rating scale with specific description of ob behaviors
Dr. Prattle is asked by a local rdio station if she would be interested in doing a alk show on Sat mornings. On the show, she will respond to people who call the station. Tob e consisten with the provisions of the Ethics Code, Dr. Prattle should
a. avoid discussing issues with callers that are of a sensitive and potentially harmful nature
b. avoid givieng difect advice of a psychological nature to callers
c. be sure that callers understand that their conversations with her do not consitute a therapeutic relationship
d. be sure that she had adequate malpractice insurance
Gerstmann's Syndrome is characterized by
a. dysgraphia, finger agnosia acalculia, and right left disorientation
b. respnding to simple questions with abusre, approximate or inappropriate answers
C.strong oral tendencies, hypersexuality, lack of concentration and alterations in appetite
d. anterograde amnesia,confusion, and confabulation
Recent studies examing the therapist preferences of individuals belonging to cultually diverse groups indicate that they are most likely to
a. rank race/ethnic similarity as more important that attitude similarity
b. rank attitude similarity as more important than race/ethnic similarity
c. rank personality similairty as more important than either race/ethnic similarity or attitude similarity
d. rank therapist experience as more important than similarity
The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) has been implicated in the control of circadian rhythms. The SCN is located in the
a. thalamus
b. hypothalamus
c. amygdala
d. caudate nucleus
The failure to take into account the prior probability of an event when considering the current probability is referred to as:
a. the base rate fallacy
b. the fundamental attribution bias
c. illusory correlation
d. the discounting principle
Cummings(1995) notes that recent trends in managed health care for psychologists rfelct a shift to a "catalyst model." All of the following are characteristic of this model except:
a. many clients are seenf for brief beriods
c. treatment is intermittent thoughout the life cycle
c. the therpaist si the vechicle for change and the focus is on treating psychopathaology
d. therapy is viewed as an artificial situation and changes can be expected to occur long after therapy has been interruped
A prblem with establishing comparable worth is that
a. job evaluatioatio techniques are not as useful for very complex jobs
b. males and females may use different strategies to reach the same decision or solution
c. the job evaluation techniques themselves may be gender biased
d. it is difficult to compare achievment across different domains
Presence of which of the following is more sugestive of Asperger's Disorder than Schizoid Personality Disorder
a. language abnormalities
b. poor coordination
c. impaired social itneractions
d. sterotyped behaviors
Current theories of empathy development consider emotional contagion to be its earlierst manifestation. This behavir emerges:
a. in the first weeks of life
b. between two and four months of age
c. at about six months of age
d. at about one year
As a result of damage to the righ ____, a person is able to point to objecs and avoid bumping into them, but is unabable to name them or describe their purpsoed
a. frontal lobe
b. parietal lobe
c. occipital lbe
d. temporal lobe
Exposure to environmental lead, even when it does not result in obvious physical symptoms, may be associated with:
a. decrements in overall IQ
b. decrements in Verbal IQ only
c. decrements in Perfomance IQ only
d. decremetns on tasks affected by ST memory only
Dr. Solo signs a non-compete agreement with his employer which states that, if Dr. Solo leaves the clinic he cannot continue seeing the clinic's clients on his own. The contract contains no exception to this provision. In terms of the Ethics Code:
a. this is acceptable
b. this is unacceptable since non compete agreements are unethical
c. this is acceptable as long as arrangments are made for Dr. Solo's clients after he has left the clinic
d. this may be unacceptable if a client's welfare is jeopardized when Dr. Solo leaves the clinic
A child has no apparent cognitive or language deficits but seems to have little interest in communicating with others. This is most suggestive of:
a. Autistic Disorder
b. SElective Mutism
c. Rett's Disorder
D. Asperger's Disorder
Generally speaking the psychological adjustment of kids with chronic illness is most dependent on
a. peer acceptance
b. family attitudes toward the llness
c. the child's personality type
d. the child's level of functional disability
A key distinguishing feature of self directed work teams (SDWTs) is tthat
a membership is voluntary
b. employees are also ownders of the company
c. discussions and meetings are leaderless
d. job rotation is mandatory
In working with an African American client exhibiting healthy cultural paranoia, an Anglo therapist wold be best advised to
a. refer the client to an AFrican American therapist
b. use a culturally sensitive approach that amerliorates the client's paranoia
c. help the client bring feeligns of suspiciousness, frustration, and antipathy toward whites into conscous awareness
d. place the client's behavior within the context of racism and distinguish between normal and abnormal respnses within that context
A potential problem with the Premack Principle is that
a. becauese it relies on primary reinforcemtn, satiation may occur
b. it may not be possible to apply the reinforcer immediately follwoing the target behavior
c. for some people secondary reinforcers have little value
d. it is difficult to extinguish a behaivor without simultaneously reinforceing an lternative one
The technqiue known as DRO is most effective when
a. the alternative behaivor is already in the person's repertoire
b. the negative consequence is directly related to the nature of the target behavior
c. the target bheaiove can be consistenly reinforced until it is well-established
d. the indivudal has adequate prerequitsite skills or knowledge
Recent surveys suggest that an employee's mental and physical health is most related to
a pay
b. work environment
c. work invovlement
d. job security
In the context of managed health care, "gatekeeper" refers to
a. peer review boad
c. clinical supervisor
d.primary care physician
The technique of sensate focus is most applcable to which stage of the human sexual response cycle
a. excitement
b. plateau
c. orgasmic
d. resolution
From the perspective of DSM IV Transsexualism
a. is one manifestation of a spectrum of disorders
b. reflects a physical intersex condition
c. is a distinct form of psychopatholgy
d. is no longer considered a mental disorder
A behavioral approach to the treatment of Major Depression would most likely include
a. stimulus control
b. DRO
c. stres inoculation
d. self control
Based on APA's guidelines, the best overall conclusion that can be drawn about dual relationships in forensic settings is that psychologists:
a. should always avoid dual relationships
b. should avoid dual relationships that are inconsistent
c. shoudl participate in dual relatiosnhips only when the client has consented to the arrangement
d. shoudl participate in dual relationships when they are the results of a court order
Following a review of the case an HMO decides to deny furhter payment for sessions for a current client of yours. You believe that the client would benefit from additional therapy. You shold
a. comply with the HMO's request as long as the limtis of treatment were discussed with the clienta the onset of therapy
b. continue to provide therpay to the client without compensation if necessary until other arrangmenets can be made
c. consult with the client about her options itn this situations
d. file a complaint against the HMO
Recent meta analysis of the literature on the outcomes of divorce for children
a. have confirmed that boys are substantially more adversely affected by divorce than girls
b. have confirmed that girls are substantially mroe adverselyt affected by divorce than boys
d. suggest that gender differences are weak with boys being only somewhat more adversely affected than girs
d. suggest that gender differences are weak with girls being only somewhat more adversely affected than boys