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What was the first written code of law in the west.
Code of Hammurabi
How many laws does the code of hammurabi have?
what river is Egypt dependant on?
Nile River
What makes the Nile River unique?
flows from south to north, and every year and leaves behind vegetation and soft soil.
Southern egypt is known as
upper egypt
northern egypt is known as
lower egypt
What percentage of Egypt lives close to the Nile River
Egypt has what type of landscape
uniform symmetrical landscape
What protects Egypt from invasion
the desert
Re-Re Atum is what
supreme god sun god
Who does the Pharaoh interven with?
Stages of the Pharaoh
political leader, then semi divine, then purely divine, Pharaoh seen as son of Re later
Human and divine. also seen in egyptian government.
Pharaoh was known as what?
Smasher of foreheads.
Epic of Gilgamesh was what?
First epic poem
Osiris is what god?
god of immortality
Maat is
not a god but maintains harmony and stability in universe.
unifies egypt
The division of egypt is known as what?
How many dynasties does the old kingdom have?
Where is old kingdoms capital
Old kingdom is the age of what?
What was the reason for collapse during the old kingdom
money, people want money to build pyramids.
First intermediate period had a break down in what?
Central government
What increased during intermediate period
local government
What ends the First intermediate period
ends when pharaohs ally with middle class
What increases during the middle kingdom
social justice
Democratization of religion
Books of the dead, Dead people have to convince the gods that they are worthy to have eternal life.
what kind of values during middle kingdom
conservative communal values
Second intermediate period began with what
invasion of Hyksos