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Best tx for OCD?
In vivo exposure plus response prevention. In-vivo better than imaginal. Massed / Distributed, gradual / flooding makes no difference
Wolpe on neurotic depression?
Response to anxiety best treated with systematic desensitization
Extent and severity of long-term problems associated with ADHD most related to what?
conduct problems
Rutter on which factors mediate child response to parental divorce?
child's early social interactions, partic with parents
Differential validity in selection tools is related to?
Adverse Impact
Attributional style that protects against depression?
External , unstable, specific
Blocking in Classical Conditioning?
A stimulus present simultaneously with CS fails to become a CS itself (no predictive value for organism)
Featured Integration Theory: what is required for perception of an object as an entity?
focused attention
Which headache type is exacerbated by jarring motions, bendign forward, and lifting?
What is "dynamic assessment"? What is "testing the limits"?
Departure from standard protocol in order to obtain additional information. Occurs only after protocol has been followed. Testing limits involves cuing to see how much help is needed to generate successful performance.
Describe pattern of minority utilization of mental health services?
Mixed results, but Sue et al (1991) is oft-cited. Found relative to whites, Asians and Latinos under-utilize MH services, while Af-Ams over-utilize.
Describe reading deficits in "deep dyslexia"
Semantic paralexia (mistake target word for another word of similar meaning (e.g. "dog" instead of "cat")
Describe neuron growth following birth?
Mostly to do with myelinization and dendritic growth
Age when gender differences in speed and strength emerge?
puberty - about 12 y.o.
What's the difference between a referential and expressive style in early language development?
Referential: uses words to REFER to objects, describe world. Exhibit rapid vocab growth (spurts) in early language development.
Expressive: use words to regulate social interactions with adults (pronouns, social words) Words are moer clear, more likely to be girls or first born children.
Which leadership model uses a decision tree to pick between autocratic, consultative, or consensual decision making for a given work situation?
Vroom and Yetton's Normative model
Describe the "just noticeable difference"
Smallest increase/decrease in a stimulus intensity that is noticed (i.e. by 50% of subjects). Increments are psychologically equal across stimulus values, but physically unequal.
What three components of depression are described in IPT? Which is emphasized.
1. Symptom formation (genesis) - psychobiological, psychodynamic, eg
2. Personality factors
3. Social Relationships

Social Relationships are emphasized