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- wrote a systamatic study of work management.
-"Study of Work/Management.
Charles Babage
-"Father of Sicentific Management.
Fredrick W. Taylor
-Called for a sicentific study of the management works.
- Study of the works, tasks, jobs, and how to get them done in a shorter time.
Henry R. Towne
-Worker Efficiency
- How to get the most work in a given period of time.
-Studying of the management of the organization as a whole.
Sicentific Management
What is Solidering?
Who coined the phrase?
Solidering: People if left alone, would not do the job they were tasked to do.

Fredrick Taylor
Time in Motion Studies
Cosidered pioneers of Motions Studies.
-To improve effenecy of the worker.
Frank & Lilian Gilbrecth
-Inventor of scheduling and time it took to do a task.
-Workers more productive if there was an incentive to work for.
-Use of Productions Bonus
Henry Ganett
-The Organization as a whole.
-Father of Administrative Theory.
-Developer of Management.
Henry Fayol
Henry Fayol's 4 major contributions
1. Differentiated between Superivsors and managers levels.
2. Difined what managers do as functions.
3. Developed general principals of Management.
4. Maintained new managers to learn to Manage.
Five functions/ Activity of Management.
1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Commanding
4. Cordinating
5. Controling
-No universal approach to applical management problem.
- Ideas from all the other approaches
Contingency Approach
Opperational Planning

- How do we manage for restults?
1. Define objectives
2. Assign responsibility
3. Develop standards for performance.
4. Appraisal performances
The Management Process

Strategic Planning?
Setting Goals,

Done by the higher ups.
What is Linear Thinking?
1. Simplistic Approach assumes that each problem has a single solution.
2. Assumes the solutions to the problem is from one problem area.
ex. fast food places higher teenages because of the high turn over rate. 300%.