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What does GERD do?
management of lower esophigeal sphynctor
some signs of gerd
hypersalavate, chest pain,
some nursing considerations with gerd
small freq meals,
no carbonated drinks
no bedtime food,
elevate bed, chew slow
no caffine
surgical procedure with GERD
nissen, wraps around stomach , new valve that works better
what makes up the GI system?
moth esophagus, stomach, s and l intestines
what does the pancreus do?
enzymes, HCO3 (bicarbonate)
where is bile stored
liver does what?
bile salts , digest
what happens with a endoscopy and what are some nursing interventions
tube inserted orally, to stocach pyloric
nop 8-12hrs
check gag reflex
talk about colonosopy
drink go litely, not on ice, take straight
barrium enemima?
must remove all barium or it hardens must see first stool
what is carcinoembryonic antigens?
tumor markers
example of enternal nutrition?
boost, ensure, vit, min, poteins
example of parential nutrition
iv nutrition, ng tube
enteral nutrition is
direct delivery into gi system
short term enteral nutrition
long term delivery into gi system is