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the court can strike down laws of the national government
Power of Judicial Review
what allows the supreme court to determine if a law is in accord with the constitution
Judicial Review
Court case that established Judicial Review in 1803
Marbury vs. madison
power to determine what the law really means
Statutory construction
they determine if the law is being carried out in the way congress intended it to be
Statutory construction
list 6 Limitations on the Judiciary
passive institution, Appointment and Confirmation process, legislative power to remove apellate jurisdiciton, change number of members, ammendments of the constitution, Revise legislation
court hears the actual facts of the case
original jurisdiction
court reviews the ruling of a case
apellate jurisdiction
court that doesn't view a guilty or innocent charge, but whether the lower level court judge performed all procedures correctly and carried out due process.
what can the legislative AND exec branches do to limit Judiciary by decreasing the power of the justices
add justices
What drastically affects decisions made by the Supreme Court?
Public Opinion
True or False: Supreme Court rarely rules against the overwhelming majority
What is the "Marble Temple"
Supreme Court
what is the least democratic branch in that the people don't have direct say in the rulings
Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is ___ ___ than the other branches b/c opinions of court are made public immediately after decisions are made
less secret
How many cases does the supr. court hear per yr.
How long does a lawyer in the court have to prove his point?
30 minutes
Societal Attitude is important to a justice's opinion. T or F
what percent of the cases entering the supr. court have already been decided?
During what months are there no arguments accepted?
May and June
How many of the 9 justices must agree to hear a case?
These are submitted by someone not involved in a case, but is interested in the outcome
Amicus Briefs "friend of the court"
_____ _____ is a private meeting where the nine justices formulate their decisions.
Private Voting
The common core of beliefs and values in the U.S.
Political Culture
We live in a society that is individualistic and liberal. T or F.
view of gov't meaning we prefer to have a limited gov't.
Describes how we want citizens to be responsible for their own well being and we want limited provisions of welfare
Describes how we want gov't to be restrained. Americans are suspicious of gov't power. Also, we are dubious of gov't competency
Individualistic/ Liberal View
belief that gov't cannot do anything quickly or well.
dubious on gov't competency
T or F. There is tension between individualism and equality
List the two types of judicial interpretations
constitutional and statutory. AKA Judicial Review and Statutory construction
Which type of judicial interpretation is exposed to legislative review
Statutory Construction/Interpretation
Judicial review's power over states is legal because of...
I. the logic of the supremacy clause.
II. the Judiciary Act of 1789
what give's the judiciary the power to reverse state laws and state constitutions when they are clearly in conflict w/ the constitution.
Judiciary Act of 1789
this Act gives the Supreme court jurisdiction over all cases handled by all the American courts, a power known as ______ _______
Judiciary Act of 1789 // Judicial Review
List the 3 common fundamental values shared by Americans
Equality of opportunity, individual freedom, and democracy
the shared idea that all have the freedom to use whatever talents and wealth they have to reach their fullest potential
Equality of Opportunity: All individuals should be allowed to seek perosnal and material success, but by working for it, not inheriting it
This is where Everyone has the same income and the same resources available to them.
Equality of Condition: outcomes are the same
Americans agree with Equality of Condition. t or f?
False. Americans believe most adults that are healthy should take care of themselves. they shouldn't need handouts from the gov't.
belief that race, gender, etc. shouldn't be taken into account. Also effort should determine grades/salary.
Equality of Opportunity: outcomes may differ/ everyone shouldn't get the same amount of compensation.
The political culture of the US is _________
Compared to other cultures, Americans (do, do not)believe the gov't should very active in our everyday lives
Do Not
People in the U.S. are more individualistic than other countries. T or F.
T or F. Low income Americans are more individualistic than High income people in other countries.
Americans believe that if the gov't is refuses to or is slow to act, then we should not rely on it-- we should rely only on ourself. This belief exhibits what reason for our individualistic culture
Gridlock: the gov't is slow to act or doesn't act.
Why do we have a liberal/ individualistic culture
America's lack of feudal tradition, Gridlock, Immigrants are diff. than the people who stayed behind., and political socialization
Immigrants that come here learn that individualism is good and that American politics are good. This is an example of _________ ___________
political socialization
process by which we aquire our knowledge and beliefs about politics
political socialization
most important agent of Political Socialization
Family: children usually take their parent's political beliefs
If a childs parents have different political beliefs, which parent will the child most likely go with.
mom because spends more time with mom.
List 3 groups of political socialization
Family, schools, Peer groups
List the two types of political socialization
Explicit, Implicit
intentional or direct political socialization
How informed is the American public
VERY ill informed
What agent of socialization is known as the "catch all category"?
Peer groups: This is a very broad category-- media, talking, watching telivision, etc.
list 4 ways to measure public opinion
popcorn boxes, rallies for candidates, public opinion sureys, telephone call-in polls.
why is the popcorn method a non-representative sample?
results based on only movie-goers. Children choose different animals, people that smuggle their own popcorn aren't represented, and frequency of going to movies varies with age.
List 4 methods of interviewing.
internet, telephone, mail, in person
gender gap
pattern of voting behavior reflecting the differences in the views/opinions bt/w men and women
why does ill question construction cause people to feel the need to lie?
people want to give sociable acceptable answers,
List 5 categories of Question construction.
neutral wording, include only one topic, should have Balanced Categories, Party Identification
List three things that can mislead a person in a poll/survey
question ordering, question wording, and survey administration
5 ways an interviewer can effect answers
Explanations, Showing approval or disapproval after answers given, Appearance of interviewer, Gender, Race
Impression conveyed by polls that something is important to the public when actually it is not.
Illusion of saliency
what are the four stages of electing the president?
prenomination, nat'l convention, gen'l election, electoral college.