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a correct understanding of the Latter-Day Saint doctrine of moral agency has much to offer humanity in general as therapists in particular as we strive to understand the principle of agency.
What makes Psychology a science?
Determinism is the essential principle
Elder McConkies Idea
The war in heaven was over ideaologies. Satan offered a mortal life of canality and sensuality of evil and crime and murder, following which all men would be saved. Satan wanted to remove teh distinction between right and wrong.
Truths and Counterfiets
Satan sends lies in twos
Truth: Moral Agency
Counterfiet: Indeterminism
Truth: Bounds
Counterfiet: Determinism
Truth: Absolute Truth
Counterfiet: Dogmatism
Truth: Relative Truth
Counterfiet: Relativism
Truth: Grace
Counterfiet: Salvationism
Truth: Works
Counterfiet: Humanism
More LDS are believing in determinism, i.e. they try to solve thier depression by popping meds