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Define buffer
A buffer is a stabilizing compound of a weak acid and a salt
Define colloid suspension
A colloid is a solution of large molecule such as dispersed proteins
Define inorganic acid
An inorganic acid does not result from reaction between acid and a base.
All vertebrae have _____________
articulated processes
All vertebrae have ____________ _____________
intervertebral foramina
All vertebrae have ____________ ___________
spinous processes and transverse prosses.
Define Flexed
Fist towards face (bent)
Define Extended
Fist towards earth (straight)
Define Foramen magnum
to connect the spinal cord with the brain
Define olecranon process
function of the olecranon fossa
Define Acetabulum
to articulate with the head of the femur
Describe skeletal muscle
striations tendonds
anaerobic multiple nuclei
Give the identifying characteristic of Cardiac muscle
only cardiac muscle has intercalated discs
What causes a muscle cramp
changes in membrane permeability
Define oxygen debt
refers to the body's nee for oxygen to restore normal condtions after exertion. DOES NOT cause muscle cramps
Define lactic acid buildup
LA build up causes muscle fatigue, in which the tissue pH is rapidly lowered and the muscle ceases to function properly. DOES NOT cause muscle cramps
Define creatine phosphate
provides energy for quick contraction of muscles. DOES NOT cause muscle cramps.
Define phosphate buffer
is more active in ICF than ECF
Define citrate
is not an important buffer
Define Albumin
is the main protein buffer for ICF
Define aciduria
is the production of acidic urine
Define acidosis
is the term for blood pH below
7.35,typical of diabetic ketoacidosis
Define alkalosis
is the term for blood pH above 7.45
Define anemia
is related to the hemoglobin content of the blood
lowered aldoster secretion would.........
result in water loss
lowered ADH would...........
result in water loss
An increase in the permeability of capillaries would cause
General edema results from
reduced pretein concentration for example malnutrition, starvation,or liver disease.
give albumins function
maintains osmotic pressure and provides transport
Give a function of alpha globulin
provide transport
What is responsible for carbohydrate digestion
saliva and pancreatic enzymes are primarily responsible
What is responsible for protein digestion
Gastric and pancreatic enzymes are responsible
Aerobic respiration produces
Carbon dioxide