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Central Notion: Disadvantages comes in packages
Bad neighborhoods; less effective schools; single parenting; young parents; poor nutrition
How isolate the effects of family poverty on child development independent of other forms of disadvantage (is money enough?)
Multiple causes of risk, poverty is just one
The use of statistical control
What is a longitudinal study?
What is a longitudinal study? Follows an individual over a length of time to measure an outcome; nothing is manipulated
What are the 3 criteria to assess cause-and-effect relations?
1. A correlation must exist
2. The cause must precede the effect
3. The effect is not caused by a 3rd variable
Whatl causal criteria do longitudinal studies address?
Correlation, cause before effect, no confounding variables
3rd Variable Solutions
Random assignment will theoretically result in equal distribution of third group variables
Relative size of the effects of poverty on physical health outcomes
Twicethe likelihood of being low BW; 3.5X more likely to have lead poisoning; 2X infant mortality; 2X the stunting; 2X the hospital stays
Relative size of the effects of poverty on cognitive outcomes
1.3 times more likely to have a developmental delay or learning disability
Relative size of the effects of poverty on school academic outcomes
2X more likely to repeat a grade, be suspended or expelled, or drop out of high school
Relative size of the effects of poverty on emotional and behavior outcomes
More likely to suffer problems lasting over 3 months and half as likely to be treated for those problems
Relatize size of effects of poverty on adult adjustment outcomes
9X more likely to be hungry as an adults; 2X morelikely not to be working or in school at age 24; 3X more likly to have teen pregnancy
Other important faceuts of poverty
Duration, depth, timing in terms of age of child
Effects on child may be: broad v. narrow, immediate v. delayed; short-term v. persistance
Central Notion: the intergeneration tranmission (cycle) of poverty
Passing on poverty to successive generations
Welfare as a lifestyle
Low expecations
Difficult to get out of poverty
Tend to be young, single parents
School drop-outs
Bad neighborhood
Bad parenting
Less effective schools