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• Font styles depend upon the document
• All options on the Home Ribbon can also be found in the_________________ after the Launcher is selected?
Dialog box
• What key tip/hot keys can be used to grow font?
CTRL + >
• Character effects can only be found after what is selected?
Font group launcher
• What uses a mouse to take a selection from its original location and drop it into another?
Drag and drop
• Which view will maximize the space for reading or viewing?
Full screen reading
• Which view will appear as it does on the printed page?
Print layout
• Which view shows the document to quickly edit without headers and footers showing?
• Information can be obtained about any view by accessing Word Help by
• What is the amount of white space between the text and the edge of the page on each side?
• What are the default margins in Word 2010?
• Margins can be changed using the
ruler bar.
• What is the position of text in relation to the top and bottom page margins?
Vertical alignment
• What is the position of text in relation to the left and right margins?
Horizontal alignment
• What are contents located in the bottom margin of a page?
• What are contents located in the top margin of a page?
• A ______________tab allows text to appear to the RIGHT of the tab stop.
• A ______________tab allows text to appear to the LEFT of the tab stop.