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What influenced the founding fathers
Greeks and romans
John Locke
blieved in natural rights which meant that all men are created equal.
proclomation line
stated that people could not move west after treaty with france
George Grenville
was to traise money for the 7 year war debt by taxing the colonists
Sugar Act
put tax on sugar coming from the west indies... one of grenville's taxes
Stamp Act
said there had to be a stamp on all legal documents such as marriage licences
Sons of Liberty
Started by Samual Adams, they tar and feathered the stamp agents
Declatory Act
British hastotal sovernty over the colonies
Townshend Act
started by Champigne Charlie. It put a tax on tea and other things such as glass
Virtual Representation
parliament felt it represented everyone of the British Subject but to the colonist they wanted a person from America there
Nonimportation agreement
all the colonies decide to boycott british goods but grenville realizes how much money they are loosing so they have to repeal the acts
Boston Massacre
innocent colonists get shot down by birtish troops because they were egging them on.
Commitees of corespondence
Thomas Jefferson started it... it was to get news around out throughout the colonies
quartering act
soldiers can sleep and eat in anyones house.
Tea Act
Taxes on tea... it was to create an monopoly for the British east Indian company.
rebel the Tea Act
colonists dressed as indians dumped the tea into boston harbor
Intollerable Acts
how teh british punish the bostonias.
Boston Port act
an intollerable act, they close the boston ports until the damages are paid from the boston tea party
Local governments
intollerable act, they disolved all local governments
Local governments
intollerable act, they disolved all local governments
Intollerable act.. British soldiers could choose to have their trial in England (no justice against crimes of bitish soldgiers)
Quebec act
intollerable act, it gave the french more land and the right to practice catholosm freely
Who is incharge of local militia
Colonial Congress
they meet inn phladelpia for the first time to dicuss the interable acts.
Colonial Congress
they meet inn phladelpia for the first time to dicuss the interable acts. They decide to unify the colonies, organize an army for emergency, and nonimportation/exportation/ and non comsumtion. They decide they will meet one year later to see how things are going
The association
they were to help spread the word and inforce what discussed at philidelphia
Lord North
last prime minister of significance in the colonies. he institued the intolerable acts and he was inpower during lexington congress
2nd continental congress
the concress met again and put washington offically as military head
bunker hill
the britsh win but it is very costly in solgers for them. The only reason why the british win was because the colonists ran out of gun powerder
Fort Ticonderoga
it was captured by ethan allen and benedict arnold. It was considered the first american sucess
Decaration of independence
it is a document that has two parts 1: preample: all men are created equal. Biggest section is a list of greivences and what was wrong with the king
British move in 1776
Brtish decide that boston is unsafe and hostile. they go to new york city
Olive Branch Petition
one last pledge to the british for peace and to remain british colonies
They were Prussian mersonaries whom the british hired to help out
"Common Sense"
Thomas Paine wrote it.It states that there should be independence. everyone read it. he said why would a small country rule over a bigger one? he uses the anaolgy of the universe. he says when does a large planet revolve around a small on.
Richard Henry lee
was the frist one who said the resolution for independence. Afterward a committe is put together to draft it.
John Hancock
signed the declaration and his signiture was big so to tell king geroge III who signed it
suffers defeats but boosts the moral of the troops.
attack on the delaware river/trenten
attacks the hessans on christmas day
sketches out plan to know out new england. SEE NOTES!!!
Battle of saratoga
convinces french to help out the rebels (french navy)
1777-1778 winter
bad winter... fighting slows down. Washington takes refused at valled forge. and is able to convince most troops to stick it out.
Baron Von stuben and Lafaette
stuben is german and lagaette is french. they are advisors to wasington and they help to keep the troops together and to help decipline them
British concentrate on...
the south reason:more loyalists live there
lots of loyalists
Lord Cornwallis
decides he better go to willmington but he realizes he needs to escape to the north.
escape place for cormwallis but washington shows up and cornwallis cannot flee because the french end up barcadinging them so cornwallis surrenders. this wakes up the british (is this really working)
Benadict arnold the traitor
felt he wanst being respected. he wondered if he should switch cause he thought the british were going to win. Aronold sells out the strong old of the hudson in return for money. but he was caught dong this
Treaty of paris
both sides sign a peace agreement. british want: that all the loyalists get their property back and the americans must compensate the merchants. Americans want:british to remove the troops from the midwest and to reconize the independence
The article of confederation
dealgits agrees in philidelphia.. it is the first form of a consitution. helps them organize an army and pull all resources to fight british
problems with the article of confederation
really weak. 1. no regulation of trade (13 different laws) 2. no power to tax
said we need money and in return we givce you paper that comes with interest
State focus
internal issues. (not united states).
danial shayes
lead rebellion against taxing in western mass. merchants pay to crush rebellion and they decide to revisit the confederation
Anaplis, Md
they address the 1st weaknesses but unsucessful
wants to scrap the documents and start over
new document
55 delegates meet from 12 states to edit the confederation but the discussion calles for a new document
his idea for legislation branch was the VIRGINIA PLAN
virginia plan
two houses have amount of representatives proportional to amount of people in each state. (upper and lower house)
problem with virginia plan
small states fill they will be cut out
william patterson
says 1 house with 1 representative from each state
Great Compromise
bringing the two ideas together by ben franklin. he says that one house (lower house) will be based on population (house of rep) 2nd house (upper house) will have two rep from each state (senate).
3/5 compromise
states that a slave was worth 3/5th of a person
Executive branch
president 1)makes treaties with other countries (senite has to ratify)
Executive branch
president 1)makes treaties with other countries (senite has to ratify) 2) commander in chief of military 3) appointments
Judiciary act
set up supreme court (6 to start)
Federal district course
bottom course
the appelette court
the court of appeals
2 groups immmerge
federists and anti federists. the federists support the document the ani-f.'s dont and are suspicious of states loosng authority over themselves
2 states hold out
north carolina and rhode island but both get in eventually
federist papers
a group of essays that convinced people the consitution was a good idea. it was originally issed annonously but was written by madison, hamilton and jay.
was anticonsitution. he worried it would be misued.
Bill of rights
antifederists said ok your going to win fedraists but if you want us to upport this document then you must safeguard some these rights to secure the rights of future generations
Constituition was a
conservative document. it bennifitted the wealthy most