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Areolar LCT: Description
Gel-like matrix, all three fiber types, soft packaging tissue; contains fibroblasts, macrophages, mast cells, white blood cells [Description]
Areolar LCT: Function
wraps and cushions organs, macrophages attack bacteria, important role in inflammation, holds tissue fluid [Function]
Areolar LCT: Location
under epithelia of body, lamina propria, surrounds capillaries [Location]
Adipose LCT: Description
gel-like matrix with all three fiber types, closely packed fat cells, nucleus is pushed to the side by fat droplet [Description]
Adipose LCT: Function
stores fuel, insulates against heat loss, supports and protects organs [Function]
Adipose LCT: Location
under skin, around kidneys and eyeballs, within abdomen, in breasts [Location]
Reticular LCT: Description
reticular fibers in a typical loose ground substance [Description]
Reticular LCT: Function
form a soft internal skeleton that supports other cell types [Function]
Reticular LCT: Location
Lymphoid organs- lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen [Location]
Dense Regular DCT: Description
parallel collagen fibers, some elastic fibers, fibroblasts [Description]
Dense Regular DCT: Function
attaches muscles to bones or to muscles, attaches bones to bones, great tensile strength when pulling force is in one direction [Function]
Dense Regular DCT: Location
tendons, most ligaments, aponeuroses [Location]
Elastic DCT: Description
dense regular connective tissue with large amount of elastic fibers [Description]
Elastic DCT: Function
allows recoil of tissue after stretching, maintains blood flow through arteries, passive recoil of lungs after inspiration [Function]
Elastic DCT: Location
walls of large arteries, walls of bronchial tubes, certain ligaments in vertebral column [Location]
Dense Irregular DCT: Description
irregularly arranged collagen fibers, some elastic fibers, fibroblasts [Description]
Dense Irregular DCT: Function
withstands tension exerted in many directions, structural strength [Function]
Dense Irregular DCT: Location
Fibrous capsules of organs and joints, dermis of skin, submucosa of digestive tract [Location]
Hyaline Cartilage: Description
amorphous but firm matrix, collagen fibers, chondrocytes [Description]
Hyaline Cartilage: Function
supports and reinforces, has cushioning properties, resists compressive stress [Function]
Hyaline Cartilage: Location
embryonic skeleton, ends of long bones in joint cavities, coastal cartilage of ribs, nose, trachea, larynx [Location]
Elastic Cartilage: Description
amorphous but firm matrix, collagen fibers, chondrocyte, large amounts of elastic fibers in matrix [Description]
Elastic Cartilage: Function
maintains the shape of a structure while allowing great flexibility [Function]
Elastic Cartilage: Location
external ear (pinna), epiglottis [Location]
Fibrocartilage Cartilage: Description
amorphous but firm matrix (less firm than hyaline), collagen fibers, chondrocytes [Description]
Fibrocartilage Cartilage: Function
tensile strength with ability to absorb compressive shock [Function]
Fibrocartilage Cartilage: Location
intervertebral discs, pubic symphysis, discs of knee joint [Location]
Bone Osseous Tissue: Description
hard, calcified matrix, collagen fibers, osteocytes in lacune, vascular [Description]
Bone Osseous Tissue: Function
supports, protects, levers for muscles, stores minerals and fat, marrow is site for blood cell formation [Function]
Bone Osseous Tissue: Location
bones [Location]
Blood: Description
Red and white blood cells in a fluid matrix [Description]
Blood: Function
transport of gases, nutrients, and wastes [Function]
Blood: Location
contained within the blood vessels [Location]