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Set of 3 drums used in candomble. Rum is played by master drummer. Rumpi and Le
more ilaberate version of accordian. one side has 38 buttons, the other has 33 buttons. 4 keyboards total. very illogical and random.
BAJO Sexto
12 string bass guitar
Astor Piazolla
Camorra 1
New Age Tango. Added electric guitar to tango ensemble. Track uses dissonance, harsh and edgy sound. Challenges listeners ears. Pushed the limit with tango.
Carlos Gardel
Por una cabeza
associated with Tango cancion. Very sentimental-bandoneon dominated. Gardel adds strings and piano. Uses Rubato-flexible sense of the beat. Song-descending melody. A, more narrative speech, major scale. B, more expressive, minor scale
Tango Cancion
(Gardel)-becomes a type of music that all different social classes can relate to in the 1920's.
Gregorio Cortez
born a mexican, moved to Texas. Song-ballad type. tells a story. organized in coplas. waltz style rythm. Major key. 2 chords. Corrido's hold most historical events.
enemble for mexican american identity and the pressure to assimilate.
Narciso Martinez
used accordian and bajo sexto. Song is in triple time and the main part is in a minor key.
harsh, edgy sound that challenges listeners ears. used by piazolla
multiple independent lines within a piece
involves two or more lines based on the same theme. they persue eachother and weave a web. Piazolla
phrase repeated at same pitch
character of early tango dance. Dresses like the elite to make fun and lives in the arrabal(slums in argentina). Used lumfardo, combines italian idioms and spanish/ performs in bars and whore houses. dance was risque, looked like sex.
played by norteno/conjunto. Gregorio Cortez