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Chen Duxiu
wanted to get rid of confucianism, stressted asian feminism
Hu Shi
Studied at Cornell and exposed to american theories. Started literary revolution in China.
Lian Qichao
Sattire writer, poked fun at China
Japan: Meiji Restoration
New constitution after 50 years. Desire to industrialize-- get rid of daimyos, problem of everything funded by state. Systematic study of western customs-- people sent to learn Meiji Constitution Emperor still had lots of power but weakened daimyos. Redistribution of lands. took from the daimyos and gave to the poor. Tax system induced
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Advocate of Muslim modernism
Muhammed Ali (Egypt)
Took over Egypt, Ottomam military officer, continued to capture other areas, Arabian peninsula...
philosophy led by Jewish leaders outside of Jerusalem
Abraham Isaac Kook
Can live holy life outside of Jerusalem.
Moses Hess
Jews will always be ifferent. Homeland not needed but bring Jews together
Theodore Herzl
Approached legislators about zionism, approached Germans but they didnt like idea
Austira Hungary and Germany vs. US Britain France and Russia
Charles Grant
Chairman of director British East India Company
Samuel Ajay Crowder
Was a recaptured slave brought up in Freetown. Advocate of abolition. made journies to africa to talk to Chiefs
Temperance Movement
No alcohol, prohibited somewhat
Victim Diaspora
People forced to move to other parts of world and spread culture "exiled"
Formed by freed slaves from the us and british west indian colonies.... known as land of free
Charles Darwin
Theory of Evolution
Sigmund Freud
Human unconscious... argued much behavior is determined by impulses but psychological problems can be relieved by rational understanding
Karl Marx
Dhas capital... Nothing, Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, communism
Herbert Spenser
Social darwanist survival of the fittest in human society
Ram Mohan Roy
How is Sati connected to Religion?? Father of modern India... Reform Hinduism and stop Sati
Racially European but native to Latin American and often of considerable education and wealth
Europeans/ Indians, many boun to labor on haciendas for Creols
Spanish/ Portuguese rules in South America, saw Creols as threat becuase may not be loyal to Spain
Miguel Hidalgo
priest who led lower class rebellion of spanish speaking American indians and mestizos against the constraints of the hacienda system in 1810.
Simon Bolivar
wealthy Creol influenced by enlightenment ideas. defeated spanish army. Proclaimed new Republic called Gran Colombia which united colombia and venezuela
Jose de San Martin
Creol in Buenos Aires, liberal gvt. defeated spanish
Treaty of Nanjing
Friendship between british and china ... open cities for british to conduct trade with families freely ... opium to be paid ... 21 million pounds (money) british released from prisons. it was a strictly business deal... did not discuss opium
James Hardgrave
The spinning Jenny
Manifestation : killing of Native americans ordained by god. Thought people should convert to Christianity. "chosen Nation" idea