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What are the factors that affect growth?
1. Water availability &solute concentration
What does it mean when a cell is living in a hypertonic environment?
-there is more solutes outside of the cell
-water flows out of cell
-plasmolysis occurs, Plasma Membrane shrivels & pulls away from cell wall (cell dies)
What does it mean when a cell is in an isotonic environment?
-water flows evenly in & out of the cell
What type of Environment do most microbes prefer? Isotonic or Hypertonic
Many microbes do live/grow in ___________ environmentsd witho0ut plasmolysis
What are the adaptations to a hypertonic environment?
1. Glycocalyx-protects cell from drying out
2.Cell Wall-usually less permeable than plasma membrane
3.Compatible solutes- Extra solutes (arent necessary for normal function)maintained in cytoplasm ti create and isotonic environment.
What is osmotolerant?
Able to survive/grow in mildly hypertonic environment
What is osmophilic?
microbes require extremely hypertonic environment to survive.
What is a halophile and how do they adapt to their environment?
a microbe that is "salt loving"
adapt by having salts as integral components of plasma membrane, ribosomes, etc.
what is pH?
a measure of hydrogen ions
is low pH neutral, acidic, or akaline/basic?
is high pH neutral, acidic, or akaline/basic?
is middle pH neutral, acidic, or akaline/basic?
what do microbes require for metablic reactions
H+ ions
What happens when the cytoplasm becomes too acidic?
hydrogen bonds are broken, DNA/proteins fall apart
How do H+ ions travel in and out?
by facilitated diffusion
What happens in a basic environment?
H+ ions leave the cell (no metabolism, cell dies)
What happens to a cell in an acidic environment?
H+ ions travel into cell