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Eugene O'neill
First Great American Playwright
Tony Kushner
Modern Thought of Greatest American Playwright.
What did Tony Kushner write?
Angels in America
Where was Tony Kushner raised?
Lake Charles
What is the Dramatist Guild?
Playwright Union
What is the Common Place Book?
Playwright stores idea and thoughts
Playwrights job is to?
build action
How does a playwright work?
He works alone and then turns play over to the company
Describe a table reading, a staged reading, a showcase/ production, and a full-out production
table reading- actors sit and read script for first time
staged reading- in front of audience
showcase- small production of show
define the run
The show is up and running with an audience
What is the dramatists sourcebook?
all the theatres listed, what kind of shows they present, used to see where your production could be performed
what is Raw Vision?
Leslie Wade, playwright
Who is Jackson Pollock?
artist who's art was basically just splattered on a canvas
Who are the main characters of Raw Vision?
Miriam, Wallace, and Royal
What is hegemony
A force that controls society without being physical. Gains power through consent.
What type of business uses hegemonic power?
Media persuade people
What does the melting pot have to do with?
assimilation-“boils everyone down” and all differences are put aside and people come out as pure American citizens
Gumbo is?
All different ingredients retain their original flavor but still contribute to the whole
What were some issues with stereotypes in the 19th century.
menstral shows-
whites that put cork on their face to appear black and portray stereotypes
Who is Tom, Coons, tragic mulattoes,and bad bucks
Tom- subservients black male
Coons- servant always trying to get out of work
TM- woman of mixed race who falls in love with white man
BB- strong powerful man who cannot be controlled (seen as dangerous)
What was African Co. and who founded it?
Ira Alderidge,First African-American acting company held in NY.
Whart did Aldridge do after African Co.
She travelled England performing shakespeare.
What did Langhston Hughes ask?
What happens to a dream differed?
What happens to a dream differed?
It becomes a raisin in the sun
Who was the first black woman to have a show on B'way? What show?
Lorraine Hansberry, a Raisin in the sun.
What was the Black Arts Movement?
Amiri Baraka: African-Americans should unify, Negro Ensemble Co.
what did August Wilson write?
What did Anna Deveare Smith do?
Small roles on West Wing
Twilight, Los Angeles
Plato believe in the what? Aristotle was for?
The Republic
The poetics and Catharsis
How did Aristotle maximize horror?
He violated family bonds.Such as in Oedipus Rex.
Film vs. Stage when violence is discussed
violence becomes likeable
violence will never spill of screen during a film
Film most affective when it leave things up to the imagination.
When is film most affective in violence?
When it leaves things up to the imagination.
Scariest part of Psycho? How does it make it scary?
Shower scene, doesn't show violence but drops hints
Who was George Bernard Shaw?
Work was mainly produced at turn of 20th century. Asks the question what spurs us to go to war
Latest film by Sam Mendes?
Jarhead- about soldiers views on war while in war.
Who wrote Embedded and what was it abote?
Tim Robbins- different journalists travelling with soldiers during was in Iraq
Stuff Happened was written by ____?
David Hare
Fabien Society was influenced by .....
Carl Marx
What were shaws beliefs?
he didnt believe in violent revolution or private property,war,
What did Shaw end up being and why?
Wrote five flops and became a critic.
What is Major Barbara about?
father who makes weapons for war and daughter who works for salvation army.Economy of arms production.
What play is about professor who is trying to make a new phonetic alphabet
What play follows line of pygmalion?
My Fair Lady, how our speaking affects our class mobility
Arm's and the Man title came from what?
Virgil's first line in Aeniad. " I come to sing of arms and the man"
Play opens where? What is the setting.
Bulgaria...opens with war
What countries are fighting in Arms and the Man
Bulgaria/Russia vs. Austia/Serbie
Name the key characters of Arms and the Man
Raina- 23 year old, idealistic- romanticizes everything
Sergius- her lover, complex character, not very appealing, idealistic world as well.
Catherine PetKoff- Raina’s mother, wants class distingtion
Louka- servant girl, refuses to be a servant
Nicola- servant boy, content to be a servant, very realistic
Blunts chili (swiss)- represents a different kind of idea in the world, not into the nobility of war, strong counter point to Raina and Sergius.
What is the Basis of the drama in Arms in the Man?>
Who will Raina choose?
One main theme is...
Pragmatism vs. Idealism
Who is Don Quixote and what does he represent?
literary figure
-out of touch with reality
-tilting at the windmills
Who is the "don quixote" of Arms and the Man?
civilized vs. barbaric
How is this represented in our country?
War in Iraq. Bringing civilization to barbaric country
What is the wife proud of in Arms and The Man?
They have the only library in Bulgaria
What is the funny scene about?
How much you should bathe
What is Louka's goal?
She doesn't not want to be at the bottom of society. She ends up with Sergius so this frees her from the bottom ranking.
Who does Raina end up with?
The Swiss man,
What is one of Shaw's famous sayings?
I learned long ago not to wrestle with pigs. You'll get dirty and the pig will be happy.
What are two parts of an audition?
A prepared piece and a cold reading.
What is censorship?
what is appropriate for the stage, what theatre is doing with the images in relation to the morals it values
Free expression vs. control
What you can say to some extent.
Individual vs. group
how much one person and stand out by himself.
Plato vs. Aristole
Plato- limited role in theatre. In favor of cencorship.
Aristotle- thought is was good, in favor of catharsis
Who was Vaclev Havel?
Czech playwright in favor of democratic reforms.
he was punished, put under house arrest,became enemy of the state, and his play were banned.He became president when Czech Republic was created.
What happened to Paul Robeson?
He was a great singer/actor, believe in civil right.
Travelled to Russia and stated that blacks held greater standings there than in America. He was suppressed and couldnt tour out of the country any more. When times changed, he was too sick to regain his popularity.
What is the N.E.A.
National Endowment for the Arts
Funded museums, plays, and ballets
Who founded the NEA?
Robert Mapplethorpe
What was some controversy with the NEA?
Mapplethorpe did some homophobic art and Congress didn't think they should be funding such artwork.
Who was Horace?
Roman Critic
"teach and please"
What is the Canon?
Great masterpieces of art.
Problem was no African-Americans or women were in the canon.
What is Guerrilla theatre?
Activist show that is not performed in a usual place.
What did Peter Shumann do?
THe bread and puppet theatre
Huge puppets were used to tell a story and at the end of the story everyone would get a piece of bread.
What was the living theatre?
They would just go around yelling at people to push bounderies as to what society would tolerate. Julien Beck.