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describe the physiololgical basis for pulse
SA node fires impulse thru heart muscle to stimulate cardiac contraction. This pulse wave is 5X faster thru Aorta & 100 X faster thru small artories.
what is cardiac output?
one minute of blood pumped by heart like 5000 mL per min
discus oral, rectal, axillary temps
oral is 98.6
auxilary is 97.6
rectal (core) is 99.6
discuss heat process of body
hypothymilmus is thermostate
this creates vasodialation and vasoconstriction
heat production is a byproduct of metabolism, both carboydrate and protein
thyroid hormones affect BMR (basal metabolic rate)
explain methods to encourage loss of heat
evaporation 600-900 mL a day from sweating
Diaphores ...head sweating
Radiation...flush from running pack or bathing a patient
convection...moist skin against moving air
state 2 reasons to take a rectal or axillary
patient can't use the mouth
ng tube, mentally unable
what are and where are all the pulse sites?
another one in lower leg
describe what happens within the circulatory system to cause blood pressue
bp = pressure on wall of an artery by pulsing blood under pressure from the heart. BLOOD FLOWS B/C OF CHANGING PRESSURE.high to low.
how does age gender weight activity affect bp?
age goes up
weight goes up
activity goes up