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What are the top 10 Newspapers?
1. USA Today
2. Wall Street Journal
3. NY Times
4. LA Times
5. Washington Post
6. NY Daily News
7. Chicago Tribune
8. News Day
9. Houston Chronicle
10.NY Post
What are the 3 major weekly magazines?
1. Tine
2. U.S. News
3. Newsweek
What are the top 5 busines magazines?
1. Business Week
2. Fortune
3. Forbes
4. Barron
5. The Economist (British)
What are the 7 sisters?
1. Redbook
2. Lady's Home Journal
3. Better Homes and Gardens
4. Good Housekeeping
5. Family Circle
6. McCall's (Rosie) - out of business
7. Women's Day
What are the 9 types of leads?
1. summary
2. anecdotal
3. discriptive
4. unbelievable
5. direct address
6. question
7. chiche
8. quotation
9. combination
What is a summary lead?
tells in the first few words what the article is about. very straight forward
What is a anecdotal lead?
a real life story that illistrates your story. emotionally charged.
what is a discriptive lead?
when you can feel the person/place in your story. usually done in 1st person
what is an unbelievable lead?
reader almost believes its not true, but it is.
what is a direct address lead?
puts the reader in the situation b using the word "you".
What is a question lead?
asks a question directly to the reader.
What is a cliche lead?
a phrase that has bee used often but you put a clever spin on it to associate it with your story.
What is a quotation lead?
uses a direct quote to draw the reader in.
What is a combination lead?
a combination of any of the other 8.
what is a query letter?
a letter or email to the editor explaining that you are proposing to write a piece and to convince the editor that you are the best person to write the piece.
what is a sidebar?
boxes within the story that say something pertaining to the article.
what is a tag line?
when the by-line comes after the article.
what do you think about when you look at a magazine's advertising?
types/amount of advertising and who they are geared towards.
what are the 4 types of contracts?
1. all rights
2. 1st rights
3. 2nd rights
4. one time rights