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Manifest Destiny
Americans believed that the nation was destined by nature and God to expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to the Rio Grande.
1) to obtain land for farming
2)elminate European influence
3)safeguard national security by establishing natural boundaries.
Acquisition of Oregon
There was a joint occupation by Britain and the US of Oregon territory. During 1830s and 1840s, streams of Americans emigrated to the territory. James K. Polk campaigned for acquistion of all of Oregon but accepted a British offer of compromise because US was at war with Mexico. Fixed the 49th parallel as the boundary.
Annexation of Texas
After Texas wins its independence, annexation is blocked by sectionalism. a) South wanted to annex Texas in order to expand slavery and increase power in Senate. b)Annexation would increase national wealth and power. c)North blocked annexation because it would extend slavery. d)Annexation had support of president Tyler
The Mexican-American War
Mexico is easily defeated in this war that lasted about a year and a half. James K. Polk, an expansionist, declared that Mexico had invaded American territory and shed American blood.
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
a) Mexico recognized Texas and accepted the Rio Grande as US southern boundary
b) Mexico ceded California and New Mexico
c) Us gave Mexico 15 million dollars and agreed to pay the claims of American citizens against Mexico.