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a rhetorical figure involving exact repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of successive lines of sentences. (type of parallelism)
a narrative account typically written by an individual that purports to depict his or her life and character.
a set if beliefs underlying the customs, habits, and practices common to a given social group.
a narrative account typically written by an individual that depicts things, persons, or events the individual has known or experienced.
a literary term to describe novels that specifically and self-consciously examin the nature and status of fiction itself and that often seek to test fiction as a form in one way or another.
a form of high burlesque popular since ancient times that imitates a specific literary work or the style of an author for comic effects usually to criticize that work, author, or style.
a term used in art criticism to refer to a work that borrows heavily from a master’s recognizable style and in music criticism to refer to a medley of known melodies, songs, or musical themes.
a term referring to certain radically experimental works of literature and art produced after World War II. Much of post-modern writing reveals and highlights the alienation of individuals and the meaninglessness of human existence. Postmodernists frequently stress that humans desperately (and ultimately unsuccessfully) cling to illusions of security to conceal and forget the void over which their lives are perched.