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What is the Radio telescope? What does it collect/focuses? Is it used on earth or in space?
- collects radio waves from space
- usually formed on earth and look like TV dishes
- focuses radio waves on an attena which translates the signal into a picture
What is a Infrared telescope? What does it collect/focuses? It it used on earth or in space?
- detects heat energy which is given off by all objects
- usually found in orbit around the earth because infrared rays from distant objects have a hard time passing through our atmosphere
- some are located on earth
- this type of telescope gave our first view of a planet outside our solar system
What is ultraviolet telescope? What does it collect/focus on? Is it on earth or space?
- detects UV rays
- found in orbit around the earth beacuse our atmosphere blocks many UV rays, especially weak ones
What are x-ray telescopes? What do they collect/focus? Are they on earth or in space?
- detects x-rays; which ahve proved us with information about the life cylcle of stars
- found in oribt around the earth
What is the hubble telescope?
- orbits around earth
- consists of several different types of telescopes
- it has provided us with the most spectacular images of our galaxy and universe