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Answering Machine
A machine that answers phone calls and records messages if someone does not answer the phone.
Appointment Calendar
A calendar that lists days, weeks, or months; may also list times or include blank space with each day, week, or month for recording appointments; available in printed or electronic format.
Area Code
A three-digit number that identifies each unique telephone service area in a country (such as the United States or Canada).
Auxiliary Telephone Equipment
Telephone-related equipment that is used to enable and enhance the communication process. Examples are pagers, answering machines, and facsimile machines.
Cellular Telephone
A mobile telephone that is often used in vehicles, planes, boats, and elsewhere. The user can make and receive telephone call on this phone.
Company Directory
A directory of telephone numbers and internal extensions that is published by a company to make internal communication easier and more efficient; formats include electronic lists or databases or hard copies in looseleaf binders.
Conference Call
A telephone call that permits three or more parties to communicate on a single call; can be any combination of local or long-distance calls.
Cordless Telephone
A portable telephone that operates by a transmitter and a receiver in both the headset and the base.
Electronic Mail
E-mail, a means of sharing information or communicating between users by the way of electronic messages.
Facsimile (fax) Machine
A machine that can electronically read, send, and receive characters and most forms of illustration transmitted over the telephone line.
International Call
A long-distance telephone call made to a location in another country.
Local Call
A telephone call made to a location within the local calling area; often billed at a flat monthly fee.
Long-Distance Call
A telephone call that is made to a location outside of the local calling area; billed separately from local calls; rates are based on the call's destination, day of the week, time of day, length of conversation, and any operator services requested.
A small, portable device that notifies the wearer of an incoming call via a beeping tone or vibration.
Prepaid Phone Card
A card, similar to a calling card, that allows the user to make telephone calls without coins, except the charges are paid for in advance; usually an access code or number must be dialed to begin the call. These cards are available from many sources and in various allotments of time and dollar amounts.
A central or controlling telephone for a business, usually monitored by a receptionist or switchboard operator; all incoming calls may be received at the switchboard and than routed to the appropriate person or department.
Toll-Free Telephone Number
A number offered by a business for callers to use without charge; usually begins with an 800 prefix in place of an area code.
Voice Mail
An automated system used to record incoming telephone messages, usually subscribed to through a telephone service or company.
White Pages
A local telephone directory that provides an alphabetic listing of names and telephone numbers and other telephone reference information.
Yellow Pages
A local directory of listings or display ads for organizations and businesses arranged alphabetically by subject heading; the listings are often cross-referenced under related headings; can appear within the telephone directory, or may be published separately.