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What is a digital certificate?
A password protected, encrypted data file containing message encryption, user and identification and message text.
What is a bomb virus?
Resides on the hard disk and is activated when a particular event occurs, such as a date change, a fle change or a user or program action.
Stealth virus
Resides in the computer's memory and conceals changes it makes to files, hiding the damage from the user and the operatiing system.
File infecting virus
Infects program files on a disk. When the infected program is run, the virus also runs.
What is malware?
Software designed to harm computer system.
What is netiquette?
The guidlines that encourages common sense and politeness, and establishes general rules for Internet etiquette.
What browser features allows you to save Web site addresses for quick relocation?
Bookmarks and favorites
What type of browser is Lynx?
A text-only browser
You may not be able to view frames pages if your browser's copyright predates what year?
Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer allow you to customize:
What is a key?
A variable value that uses an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data.
What is a Hash?
A number generated by an algorithm from a string of text.
What is the hardest virus to detect?
What protocol is used for sending e-mail?
What protocol is used for receiving e-mail?
SMTP uses what port?
FTP uses what two ports?
20 and 21
What part of an e-mail address comes after the @ symbol?
Domain Name
What part of the OSI reference model is responsible for 0's/1's?
Physical Layer
What part of the OSI reference model is responsible for creating packets?
What part of the OSI reference model is responsible for encryption/decryption?
What part of the OSI reference model is responsible for E-mail?
What part of the OSI reference model is responsible for dialog?
What does the subnet mask control?
How many IP addresses you can have in a room
What is the loopback address?
What two servers a usually put together on one device?
file and print
What does a server do?
A computer in a network that manages the network resources and provides, or serves, information to clients.
What is a LAN (local area network?
A group of computers connected within a confined geographic area.
What is a database?
A collection of data that can be sorted and searched using search algorithms.
What is a table?
A collection of data about a limted topic, organized into rows and columns in a database.