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What is Log off?
The act of signing off of and disconnecting from a computer system.
What is a Search Engine?
This term refers to a program that helps users find information in text-oriented databases.
What is a Modem?
A device that permits a computer to transmit and receive data over a telephone line.
What is a Information Highway?
A term used when discussing information networks on the future which will likely carry video and audio as well as computer data.
What are Links?
These are the hypertext connections between Web pages. This is a synonym for hotlinks or hyperlinks.
What is Tab?
A command key that is used for spacing in word processing programs; for traveling from cell to cell in a spreadsheet program; or for moving from field to a field database program.
What is a Web Page?
What is Upload?
Sending a disk file from your computer to another computer.
What does Download mean?
To transfer to your computer a copy of a file that resides on another computer.
What is Log on?
The act of connecting with a computer system and entering your user identification and password.
What is a Spreadsheet?
A program that is similar to an electronic ledger book. Columns of numbers in a spreadsheet program can be added automatically.
What is the Internet?
A global network of thousands of other computer networks that offers e-mail and information retrieval services to millions of people.
What is E-mail?
Private messages, called electronic mail, that are sent and received over a computer network.
What is the World Wide Web?
Also known as WWW or W3, the World Wide Web is a hypertext-based Internet service used for browsing Internet resources.
What is a Web Page?
An HTML document that is assessible on the Web.
What is a Row?
This refers to the numbered cells that appear horizontally on a spreadsheet document.